Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Kartikeya touches Shivji’s feet. He is happy seeing Kartikeya smiling. Parvati tells Shivji, they’ve spent a lot of time here. Shivji says they’ll always be present here in form of a Jyotirling. A Jyotirling is created by both their power. Paravti says, this will be known as Mallikarjun Jyotirling, they’ll come here on every Purnima & amavasya.
Vishnuji says this is the 1st Jyotirling, created by both their blessings. Mallika is Parvati & Arjun is Shivji.
Indra comes there. Kartikeya asks him, he was doing Prayschitt. Indra says but it is not yet compelete. I’ve created many problems for you but for the 1st time I have solution for your problem. He asks Parvati’s permission to present some one there, calls Devsena. Kartikeya remembers

FB of Devsena telling him, she was sent by Indra. Devsena offers her pranam to Shivji, Parvati. Indra tells Kartikeya, he had asked her to keep you away from your responsibalities of South, but she started loving you. Is it true? Asks Parvati. Devsena says yes, am doing prayascitt for that.
At Ksheer Sagar, Vishnuji asks Brhmaji, is it the right time to disclose the truth? Brhmaji says yes it is.
Shivji asks Devsena to speak whatever is in her mind. Devsena says I consider Kumar as my sarvasva, but I am only an Apsara.
Ksheer Sagar members appear there. Brhmaji tells her, your Prayschitt is complete, all your Karmas are cleared. You are my Manas putri. He gives marriage proposal of Devsena for Kartikeya. Shivji accepts. But Paravti wants to ask Kartikeya, does he agree for this proposal? Kartikeya agrees with a big smile. Shivji tells Brhmaji, they are Sambandhis npw.
Ganesh with Sidhhi , Budhhi, Vishwarup, meets Shivji , Parvati. He meets Kartikeya too. Parvati tells Vishwarup, their elder son’s marriage is fixed with Devsena. There is a sweet argument between Ganesh & Kartikeya about getting married soon . Parvati tells Prajapati Vishwarup to make arrangements for the wedding.
Ravan in his Golden Lanka, calls Lankini (Dragon), asks her to guard Lanka. Without her permission no one can enter Lanka, it will become Abhedya, only you are capable for this responsibality. Lankini agrees.
At Kailash Ganas are running around,making arrangements for the wedding. Naradji comes there, asks Nandi to contoll his excitement, so he can work well. Nandi does deep breathing. Nandi is still unable to control his excitement, as 3 DILs are going to come at Kailsh. Naradji says even 4th DIL can come, ie. for Nandi, he blushes.
Guests have started coming to Kailash, Saptarishis, Nahush, Ashok Sundari, Himavan, Mena. Himavan tells Shivji he is a Grahasth, got his daughter married, now is going to become FIL of their DIL. Mena asks Parvati about following the ritual properly. She answers, Haladi is sent to the Girl’s side now the same is awaited from the girl’s side for the groorm.
Groom’s mama, mami along with Brhmaji, Saraswatiji, comes to Kailash, says they are not the guests. Brhmaji says after some days even they will be relatives, so even they are not guests.

Precap: Ganesh’s Haladi ceremony is in process. His Barat is shown.( Ganesh , sitting on the Aasan, looks grand, like Lalbaag cha Raja in Mumbai. )

Update Credit to: mnx12

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