Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Devi Maa in the form of a widow looking sad . Malla says Jai mata. All the devas appear and prey to her. Indra asks her to free Mahadev and reminds her that she is his wife and she is the the mother of the universe. And Mahadev is the father. He saus the universe will become dysfunctional without Shiv or Shakti. Shukracharya also pleads with Ma Shati to free the source of knowledge Mahadebv. He is the only one who has never been Partial between the Devas and the Demons. He says that she had once called him her son now pleas hear the pleas of your son. Risgi Kashyap alsi reminds her of their old relationship and pleads to release him. Nandi also pleads and asks her to remember that he is her husband. Ganesh and Kartikeya explain that

Mahadev is not her enemy he only wanted to pacify her so please free Mahadev. Mata does not reply

Sarasvati Devii is shown to be very worried and says all Devtas pleaded with Shakti Ma but no conclusion is emerging. In the past when thois had happened Mahadev only had solved such problems. Now who will Do so? Brmha ji says now there is only one Solution

Indra asks Brihaspati for a solution to the problem.

Brmhaji se now the preserver will have to waken. We have to free the Lord. Brmha ji and Saraswati ji appear in front of Ma Shakti. Narad Preys to the preserver Loord Vishnu.He says that while asleap O lord you can still I am sure sence the happenings of the world. Please come to our assistance

He chants Narayan Narayan, The words Echo in the universe. Lord Vishnu opens his eyes. Every one is happy. Narayan appears in front of them All bow to him Naradji asks him to help and protect them

Lord Vishnu addresses Devi Shakti as sister and says whenever I have come to meet you you have welcomes me with Happiness but today I do not see that happiness on your face. You don’t even seem aware of my presence. Narad says Narayan leela has started and only Narayan knows it.

Bramha ji says that the Goddess has become emotionless after swallowing Mahadev. Narayan will try to bring her out of this feeling less state.

Indra says nothing is impossible for Lord Vishnu all will be well. Is it not so he asks but Brmha ji and Narad ji stay quiet. Indra asks them reason for their worry now. Bramha ji says the moment Devi will come out of the feeling less state she will remember what she did and that will be the point of imbalance. A moment when the world can get destroyed. Narad ji says even if the world doesn’t get destroyed what we will do of a world where mother nature is love less?

Lord Vishnu reminds Devi of the Rakshabandhan that ties them togather.He reminds her that he has been with her not in this birth but also in her previous births as well. I have fulfilled the duties of a brither.And you have discussed your issues with me. He reminds her of her wedding day. Of her wedding wows He reminds her of her Suhagin/ Married state. For a brother it’s the most happy moment to see his sister married but do you know which is the most hurting one?. To see his sister as Widow

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Update Credit to: Nandiniraizaada

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