Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th May 2013 Written Update

J (Jalandhar) does Vrinda’s antim sanskar, in Kalnemi & some Asura’s presence. He goes to his Kalpanik Loka, where Parvati is in mediatation in front of a Shiv ling. He is about kill her with a Sword, but stops remembering Vrinda’s words about not resorting to such means to win a wa. He says he can’t be like Indra. Says he can finish everything right now but it’s not right to kill a woman sitting in Dhyan.
Yamaraj asks Shivji to forgive him. He is forgiven. Shukracharya comes there, falls at Shivji’s feet, asks if can he be forgiven too? Says asking for forgiveness gets difficult when one doesn’t know, from where to start ? He thought J can be Asura’s udhharak. But was not aware in this ambition of winning over Devas didn’t realize, his

greed increased, after defeating Indra. It was wrong on my part to give him Maya Astra, he used it to kidnap mata Parvati. I am responsible for that. J used to say his Guru is defeated in front of Mahadev bhakta. This Guru has failed, my all Tapasya, efforts are destroyed. He couldn’t do good to any one of them, neither Devas nor Asuras.
Shivji says , you’ve not created the Maya Astra to kidnap Parvati. By teaching & trusting your Shishya you have acted as a perfect Guru. There is a reason for it, you have always wanted his betterment, you raised him, because you saw my Ansh in him. Every night when you went to do pranam to him in sleep, I used to bless you. You’ve never used his powers for your personal benefit. You’ve done your Shishya dharma’s palan well. Being Duvidhaheen is my Shishya Shukra’s quality. Your thoughts of this quality, of being free from doubts, will be known as Shukra-niti in future, will be followed by Devas, Danavs, Gandharavs, Humans etc, will make them aware of their rights & duties. I am blessing you to be a Graha for your Nishtha for, me. You’ll shine like Nakshatras for a long time. Newly married couple will pray to you for good married life. One day Shukravaar in a week will be dedicated to you, the great Guru of Asuras. You’ll be known as one of the best Gurus in the World.
J is near Vrinda’s burnt pyre. Says he wanted to live for her. Will enter the war again tomorrow. This Krodhagni & revenge’s Agni, one of them will surely be finished.
Kartikeya repents his mistake of not recognizing J’s Maya inspite of all these year’s practice, mother is kidnapped because of me. I have failed. Tomorrow J’ll come in the battle field, I wanted to face him first without your help.Shivji promises him to face J first. He practices with Sword.
One Asura tells J to relax for some time, Sun will rise soon. He says this time is not to relax but is to take revenge.
In the battle field Asuras with J on one side. Kartikeya, with Devas, Yamaraj, Shukracharya are on the other side. Asura’s does J’s jay jay kaa r& Devas side follows with Kartikeya’s jay jay kaar. J looks at Yamaraj & Shukracharya, who are on the opposite side now.
In a mental convo between J & Shukracharay. J says you won’t bless me today ? Shukracharaya says a Guru’s blessing is always with his Shishya. He blesses him for his well being (Kalyan).
Shivji, Vishnuji, Lakshmiji, Brhmaji, Saraswatiji with Naradji are watching this with interest.
J stops other Asuras from coming ahead to fight. He comes foreword, Kartikeya too comes ahead. J asks him where is his father Mahadev, he himself should have come here but he sent a child. Is this his braveness, you’ll have been praising for. Kartikeya tells him he wants to finish the person who has kidnapped his mother. He calls J to fight, as he has taken promise from his father for not interfear. J says this is big mistake, he’ll realize it soon because I don’t want to forgive anyone. Shivji is watching this.

Precap: Vishnuji says J has Shivji’s krodhagni’s power. It’s not possible for everyone to defeate him. Kartikeya hits J, but his wounds heals soon. Katikeya falls down. Nandi is hit by J.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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