Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th July 2013 Written Update

So The episode begins as follows:

Rama shoots an arrow at Tataka, who is shocked and falls to the ground. She groans in pain, and is half dead. Maricha and Subahu are very furious seeing their mother in this condition and attack Rama (read: stand there and give killer stares).
Rama shoots an arrow at Maricha and throws him all the way acrros the Indian Ocean to Lanka. He shoots another arrow and burns Subahu to ashes.

Kirat Mahadev (KM) comse there and sees the half dead Tataka. Seeing him, she says, “YOu promised you would come before my death. And you came.”
KM replies that someone else also will come. Rama comes on cue.
He says to Tataka, “Killing anyone without reason is wrong, but killing anyone without telling the reason is even

worse a sin. The reason why I killed you is this. For “protecting” this forest, you tortured and killed many rishis and destroyed their hermitages and Yagyas. YOu kept this forest in ignorance and did not allow the creatures to live in freedom. Following my Guru’s advice I killed you even though I didn’t want to. But I came here to protect the sacrifice. If you hadn’t attacked me I would have killed you.” (Basically he is saying, sorry I killed you.) “BUt all creatures are Mahadev’s ansh. So I bow to you. Believing you will be freed of this ignorance.” He does pranam to her, and then blesses her.

Tataka turns to Mahadev. “All my pain has vanished and my mind is peaceful. No questions are remaining. I understood everything.” She does pranam to Mahadev with a wide eyed smile (terrifying) and dies.


Meanwhile, Maricha gets thrown in Lanka at Ravana’s feet and he says “Protect me Ravan. While attacking Viswamitra’s Yagya, Maata and Subahu died.” ravan is enraged that someone could kill Tataka and Subahu and asks who did it. Maricha replies that it was Viswamitra’s shishyas. Ravana is amazed and Maricha continues. “They are no sadharan balak. one of them threw me till here.” Ravan looks at him very furiously.


IN Vishwamitra’s ashram all the rishis are saying, “Prabhu Shri Ram Ki Jai!” (What nonsense! How can they treat him like God? They don’t even know that! Heck, no one except Mahadev-Parvati and Ksheersagar club Members know that!)

All the gods appear. Mahadev gives bhashan about how Rama upholded everyone’s Mayada, and did only what was right. So he gives him the name Maryada Purushottam Rama. Immediately all the rishis shout, “Maryada Purushottam Rama Ki Jai!”

Brahmadeva and the other devas say that Rama protected the Yagya and killed Tataka, so they want to say thanks. So they give him various astras, including Brahmastra (a white crystal ball). Everyone bless Rama and vanish. (Poor Lakshman! No one is bothered about him!)

Rama asks Gurudev what next? vishwamitra says he is waiting for some sign and he will tell tomorrow.


In Ayodhya, Bharata is praising about Rama to Dasaratha who is very happy. So Narada appears. He starts praising Rama and how all the gods came to bless him. He adds, “It would have been great if they came here.”
Dasaratha says, “What? They are not coming?”
“You didn’t know? They are not coming back to Ayodhya. Don’t ask me why.”

Just then, a beautiful and young Manthara saunters in with the three queens.
Narada says, “See how Dasaratha loves Rama, he wants to see him now!”
Manthara says, “But Maharaj loves all his kids equally, Haina Maharaj?”
Narada says, “yeah yeah” and starts chatting about Rama with Dasaratha.


Mahadev-Parvati are playing chausar. Parvati says, “I am already feeling so much Matrtva and Vatsalya towards Bhrata Narayan and Devi Lakshmi;s avatara that I feel a responsibility towards them.” Mahadev looks at her pointedly. She gives up. “Ok, I admit I want to see them married. When will Rama and Sita marry?”
Mahadev passes her the dice. “Rama is getting ready… and Sita also.”

Precap: Sita is loitering around carelessly holding Shiva Dhanush as if it is some shopping bag. Everyone, Janak Sunayna, all the three sisters, etc etc are shocked seeing this. Sita confidently plucks the bowstring and thunder comes.

Update Credit to: Surya_krsnbhakt

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