Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 29th January 2013 Written Update

Kartikya says if they had a Bhavan, then rain wouldn’t have been a problem for them. Nandi suggests to take shelter under trees. Shivji says this is one of Prakriti’s roop, she has decided to redefine happiness, He tells Ganesh have you ever eaten Modak while getting wet in Rain, it’s an amazing experience. Ganesh enjoys it calls Ashok Sundari & Kartikeya to join him. They say this is their first experience. Parvati is smiling. Shivji calls Parvati to join, he gives her one Modak.
At Ksheersagar, Vishnuji & Brhmaji with Lakshmiji & Saraswatiji are watching this. Vishnuji says only Shivji can teach how to remain happay under any circumstanace.
Dashanana too gets we, says he has a Raj Bhavan, so can be in this but Shivji at Kailash doesn’t have one, he must be suffering a lot & I am here sitting safely in a Bhavan.
Parvati & Shivji are walking, she suggests of making a Bhavan for their 3 children for their protection.
Dashanana is meditataing on Om Namah Shivaya, from his power sees a Golden Bhavan, says he’ll make one such Bhavan for Shivji, whatever he has will use everything for making it.
Parvati says she is worried for her 3 children, it’s time a Bhavan is made on Kailash. It is a must for a family. Before marriage one can live in any way but now things are different. Shivji says you are Prakriti, there can’t be a better home then Nature. Trees at Kailash are enough to take shelter in rain & heat. To keep all family members bonding well, is upto us. Ganesh comes excited informs about his Nanaima’s arrival, says she has got lots of gifts with her.
Dashanan comes to meet rishi Markandeya, says I was going to meet my brother Kuber, thought of meeting you on the way. Rishi Markandeya tells him, you have set a good example for Asuras, being his biggest devotee.
Dashanana asks rishi Markandeya, you have been Shivji’s devotee since many Kalpas, how does Kailash look? What are the feelings one experiences on Kailash? Eaternal bliss is experienced, all the doubts of mind disappears, Shivji guides us, teaches us. Dashanana is thinking, on being asked by rishi Markandeya, says, what type of bhakti is this, have you ever thought of Shivji’s needs? Rishi says Shivji is Vairagi, he doesn’t need anything. Dashanana says have you or anyone else ever thought of his needs? Have you ever thought of doing something for your God? Have you or anyone asked him what do you want? Even you are Vairagi, then why do you live in this aashram, live like him. Now I’ll make a Bhavan suited for Devadhi Dev Mahadev. I am going to meet my step bro Kuber , from there I’ll go to meet shivji at Kailash. Rishi Markandeya says Shivji likes faith of his devotees, not what they offer to him but if making a Bhavan for him pleases you , then you should go ahead. Dashanana leaves, rishi Markandeya smiles.
Parvati comes to meet Mena, who tells Shivji, she’s got Kheer for him, she knows cloths & jewellery has no meaning for you. She has got jewellery & Shringar samagree for Paravti. Excited Ganesh says she’s got Ladoos for me. Paravti refuses to accept the gifts, not because she doesn’t like them but she doesn’t have a place to keep them. If they had a Bhavan then she would have kept them, so take them back with you. Shivji is watching this.

Precap: At Gyan sabha, Shivji says now it’s time to make Kuber realize, he has to control his hunger for wealth. His wealth is for the Welfare of the World & he himself will accomplish this task..

Update Credit to: mnx12

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