Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th October 2013 Written Update

Seeing his kid bro dead, Malla invites mata in her Kaali avtar to protect him or at least make Mani alive as promised.
Mhalsa feels the energies and memories drag her to the Kaali form.
Martand sees Mahlsa turn into Kaali avtar… all are shocked to see this

Mahalsa’s mother gets reminded of Yellakoti’s words abt her child.

To make things fair, Mata gather’ Mani’s entity into Malla – that way he will stay alive in Malla.
Malla n Mani reunite in Malla’s body…(very nicely done my Sudesh ji)

Martand now gets into his Aghora form as he is the one who can handle Kaali’s mood…

Aghora asks Kaali to back off of his way… he needs to put an end to the M&M crazy.

Everyone at the Kailash gets

the hint of something terrible that’s gonna be happening Nandi goes to the rescue of his prabhu and so does Ganesh n Kartikey…

Brhm devi tells that this is why Martand asked Mhalsa to stay away from the war field. He knew that Kaali would be uncontrollable cause of the promise.

Kaali directs a few balls of fire towards Aghora..and so does Aghora towards her..
Nandi tries to reach the place on foot…where as Kartieyka n Ganesh ride the peacock.

Kaali creates balls of fire-energy around aghora to arrest him.. but Aghora grows in size… he constantly asks her to move away and let him kill Malla.
Shiva now gets back to his original form…everyone pay their respect to him.

Kaali ma asks him to stop as she is doing her duty of protecting her devotee…
Devtas freak out at this..and decide to go to the battle ground.

Even the rishi gang feel something is gonna happen… they ask rishi Brhigu what he sees in the future- he says that its unimaginable thing that’s gonna happen!

When Naradji asks if Mahadev n Kaali are gonna have a fight…Brhm devi informs that to control Kaali its important to first take out her anger.

Kaali devi never Mahadev gives in.

All rishis including Shukracharya and Parshuraam feel it.

Mahadev transforms himself as a ball of energy and Kaali ma swallows him

The world already is trembling and the dilapidation starts.

Nandi, Ganesh and Kartikeya cease feels Mahadev.\

Naradji utters that he was the witness of the journey of Mahadev and AdiShakti’s life.. how Ma Sati’s immortalized herself and Mahadev went into ekaantvas and how Parvati devi got him back..

No sooner mata Kaali swallows .. she takes the form of a widow- with white sari draped… no ornaments.
Naradji swears that he would do whatever it takes to solve this thing.. he leaves uttering ‘Narayann.. Narayan’


Everyone begs her to ffree Mahadev as the world is in danger.
Shukrachary says “he was teh only one who never differentiated btw devtas and asuras”
Sarswati dev says “They all have begged her to calm down, but nthing seems to effect her.”
Sri Hari Narayan comes out of his yoganidra.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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