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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev does meditation. Banasur says, if adishakti has taken birth then i will get clue from shaktipith. Banasur’s wife comes and says, how could you say that you are devotee of mahadev, you have always spoiled his worship and i think that you forgot that mahadev has given us daughter and you are not so called father after this work. Banasur gets angry and pick up his sword. It is good for me to get killed by you but i cannot see you as dead. Banasur then gone from there and she worships from mata parvati, please leave my husband from all wrong misdeed.
Menawati comes to see kumari and says to kumari mother, i am your neighbour and gives compliment about kumari. I know that your hand gets short to do work of kumari. Kumari mother thinks about narayan’s

wordings. She ask about menawati, what is in your bag? Menawati says, its pudding. My daughter loves it. Menawati then ask name of mata. Kumari mothers says, it seems that you are not looking other for kumari. Mata laxmi says, is menawati doing only for remorse. Narayan says, its all mata parvati decision. Bhram dev says, life cycle of kumari will not so easy. Kumari will get so many chances to unite with mahadev.
Menawati searches kumari and she finds that kumari makes trishul. Bhram dev says, naryan will have to seperate mata with mahadev. Kumari’s mother gets tensed then menawati ask, what happened sister? Kumari mother says, rishi had told us about kumari destiny. Menawati says, i know one gurudev who is very knowledgable.
Nandi, ganesh ji and kartikaye comes to meet mahadev but they couldnt meet them. Ganesh ji says to nandi, dont worry nandi maharaj, we will meet mahadev and mata soon. Menawati meet narayan with kumari’s mother. Kumari turns into teenage and a bull tries to hit her. She frightens but bull doesnt hit her. Kumari says, will you help me for picking fruit. Kumari says to bull, friend, please come with me. Kumari bring bull to home and her mother ask, whose bull is this. Kumari meet with naryan. Kartikaye and Ganesh ji comes and says, this bull is ours. Kumari says, this is not your bull. if it is your bull then it will be in your ground. Menawati introduces kartikaye and Ganesh ji. Kartikaye says, we will bring this bull with us. Kumari denies it then narayan says, these are your guest. Kumari then says sorry and welcomes them for meal.
Nandi turns into its actual face and says, i am sorry but i did everything for mata. Menawati says, there is nothing to worry but why are you here. Mata laxmi says, it is really good to see that whole family is with devi parvati. Everybody does lunch and Ganesh ji and kartikaye gives thanks for meal. Banasur senapati calls everybody.
He says to villagers, i came here to tell announcement of banasur that he wants to marry all the unmarried girls until pornima otherwise we will serve that girl to maharaj.
Senapati see all girls but when he comes near to mata then ganesh ji comes in front of him.

Precap:- Banasur says to his wife, i want to unite mahadev with mata. Mata finds rudraksh which was made by mahadev’s tears.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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