Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th May 2013 Written Update
Vrinda is shocked seeing Vishnuji, who compeleted the vidhi with her. She asks him what was her mistake, did she made any mistake in his worship? She only wanted to make her swami secure. That’s why my Pativratya was destroyed ? By whom my aaradhya? I always thought may meet my aaradhya once, tears will roll from my eyes on meeting him. But never though my dream was realized this way. Vishnu calls her. But is stopped by her, she asks him how can you do this with someone else’s wife? You’ve proved my swami right today. You are one of the Trimurty, at a different level. How will you realize our pain? But yes, you too will suffer one day, like my swami is going to suffer today. She then curses Vishnu, one day even he too will suffere the same. Your heart is of stone,

you’ll become a stone too. You too will be searching for your wife. One day even fingers will be pointed on her.
Brhmaji, Shivji, Lakshmiji, Saraswatiji, Naradji are watching this event.

Vrinda says my swami will accept me in this condition too but I don’t want to live. You will not come behind me to save.
Vishnuji accepts her curse whole heartedly. But tells her to understand why he did that. J (Jalandhar) wanted to take Mahadev’s place, he kidnapped Devi Parvati. He would have spread Adharma everywhere. It was necessary to stop him. You were his Shakti. Your curse will materialize at the right time. I am blessing you to be pious forever. A comnnection is developed between us, will last for a very long time. My worship will not be complete without you. Vrinda leaves the palace.

Jalandhar comes there,doesn’t find Vrinda there, closes his his eyes, comes to know what had happened.
Vishnu comes where Brhmaji & Shivji, Lakshmiji, saraswatiji are present. Lakshmiji says, he did what he should have done. Shivji says this incident will have longer lasting effects.
Brhmaji says one more thing needs to be taken care of. Shivji says- Yamaraj’s death. He goes at the place of war. Kartikeya explains him about all the events, excitedly. He asks him to be calm down. He resurrects Yamaraj & all the Devas, Ganas.

J comes near the Sea, sees Vrinda’s boady floating on water, trys to awaken her. He is in unbearable pain. Feels Shukracharya is there but that was his imagination. He trys to awakened her, remembers his mother. Says you can’t leave me like this, you’ve promised to be with me always. He breaks down realizing she is gone forever.
In the battle field, Yamaraj asks Shivji to forgive him, he got distracted by promise of higher position. Shivji asks him to calm down. He says both the sides have made mistake. Dharma, truth, morality, peace is destroyed, to restore that now the war will restart. Kartikeya & Yamaraj are listening.

Precap: Kartikeya wants Shivji to promise him to go first to fight with J. He agrees.
Here J too promises to take revenge for Vrinda’s death. Says the war between his origin & his Krodhagni, let’s see who burns whom.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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