Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th March 2014 Written Update

Indr calls Mahadev, and apologizes for the inconvenience caused if he had interrupted his work. Indr tries to butter that he could have used a charm which would have helped the guy to reduce doubts n stress. Mahadev tells that cause of one guy’s issue the whole creation shouldn’t suffer and cause of Kalbeet’s negativity the creation will be plagued with negativity, if they don’t sort Kalbeet’s negativity issue..

Kalbeet needs to come out of his doubts and fears…and for this pursuit they can’t put him in peril..he needs to accept the world with its imperfections. He needs to understand that challenges are part of life and make one’s life meaningful and by facing them. His purpose is not to woo him but to make him understand

how to live. Indr feels his purpose served if he can play any part in this.

Two brothers think of breaching a wall at a palace, one of them sees something fly into the palace garden with great speed. It was Pushpdant, the brother sees this guy steal flowers from the garden .. he covers the entire garden in a blink of an eye lid.

The guy recognizes him and informs his brother abt Mahadev’s bhakt a Gandharv- Pushpdant. They plan to make use of the guy, on asked by his brother, he says that they’ll make Pushpdant steal for them..

The next morning the king and his minister realize that flowers are being stolen from their garden. Back here Pushpdant adorns Mahadev’s ling with the same flowers he stole.

At the palace the pandits discuss abt the thief, they conclude that the thief is some sidh purush who comes from the skies…one of the purohit is late and the king rants at him.The king asks his minsters who could they catch the thief..the late comer pandit suggest that they can put bal patrs in the path, when the thief comes he had to cross them to reach the flowers. And this way he’d become a victim of becoming an insulter of Shiva’s elements and would lose his powers

Pushpdant pormises Shiva that he’d get the same flowers from that garden the next day as well.
Back here Kalbeet’s parents- his dad (is the late comer pundit)..discuss abt their pursuits…the wife says success doesn’t come in  a day.
The father is worried abt sarpanch and king…he wishes to resign.. Mahadev in a new avtar- comes and tells the man not to give up and tag as a failure…its unwise for someone to back off before fighting.
The wife is shocked to see Mahadev out as she lfet him inside..then Ganesh (again in a new form) comes and sing praises of his guru (Mahadev)-

Mahadev says its just an illusion he is everywhere..he asks them to be brave and wait till he comes back. She offers them food..but Ganesh first is excited but later on Mahadev’s gesture  says no.. the mother is sad as her children have not eaten anything..she shows them she made some modak for her son..seeing them Ganesh is overwhelmed but stops himself..

At the garden they do as the purohit suggest..the king orders his soldiers to stop and seize  the thief..

Ganesha here tries to convince the child into eating food by tempting him. Kalbeet is angry yet tempted… The mother is troubled abt Ganesha’s act..they asks Mahadev if his shishy would leave some modak for their son..
Ganesh says he can do miracles…even if he doesn’t wish to see..he’ll anyway do it Kalbeet is curious but still pretends to ignore…
Ganesha plays miracle miracle using the last left out modak .. with the kid he says not to peek or else the miracle won’t happen..he asks the kid to guess which has full modak..he chooses one had which constitutes a modak..the child is even more amused by seeing another modak in the other hand of Ganesha.
Ganesh shares his childhood story with Kalbeet, how his mother would leave eating when he was down…he says he now realizes the value of those uneaten modaks in his youth…he says childhood days are invaluable..n how he wasted his kid days getting grumpy and how fortunate (Kalbeet) he is that he has his mother who makes modak for him with so much of love.
Ganesh says if he was him (Kalbeet) he would have finished all the modaks at once. Even after hearing this..the kid is still grumbling…

At the palace Pushpdant blissfully moves ahead in the air…and the moment he crosses the bail patr path his control is imbalanced and he falls on the leaf trap..the soldiers catch him.

Pushpchor \ lies that he hasn’t stolen any flowers…he requests Mahadev to save him…
Ganesha tells Kalbet that his mother too hasn’t eaten anything- she too is hungry..
The parents guess…if their son would eat or not.Ganesh extends a modak towards grumpy.(kalokhalo bhagwan swayam khilarey hai)

(Oh I love WU for DKDm..its sucha relief from the fiction waley dramey..yeh mytho main fiction is better than fiction main over dose of EA fictions)
Ok ggrumpy eats the modak…the mother is happy to see this and her eyes  flow tears of joy..
Ganeshs dance in happiness…uttering ‘Jai oh gurudev ki Jai ho…’

The mother says its a miracle..Shiva says its love…and they’d eat along with Kaalbeet. Kalbeet’s dad is hopeful that they will be successful in bring his son out of the house and socialize.

Pushpchor- Pushdant (funny guy) is produced before the king..
(Aisey lagra hai har din merey liye ek new lesson bolrey hai Mahadev…start of the end)

Precap: Pushdant in the kings’ court..Naradji tells them let Mahadev decide if he is really a thief. Pushpdant is overconfident that his flower will be accepted by Mahadv and the king says that if Mahadev doesn’t accept his offering then he’d be punished.

Update Credit to: Sankalp_prapti

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