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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fate of the Shivansh & Narayan’s curse…’Indr again requests Mahadev that he’s take care of Lohitan. He says that the kid would pick up the asura treats!

Mahadev then tells that Indr himself meddled in the issue by instigating Natyacharya to penance for learning Tandava..and also mislead him. Indr apologizes but still thinks that devlok is the best for shivansh..the kid won’t learn any good.
Mahadev says before him, Prithvi devi has already given Andhak the he can’t intervene. He tells Andhak that the SHivansh has been created out of  good energies and he is capable of showing the right path to the asuras..its his test as what kind of future he can give Lohitang. One chance he has to do good of the asuras.
Andhak feels grateful.

Indr again request Mahadev…reminding that asura already got a Shivansh n the result was apparent.
Mahadev says he has already decided. Indr finally agrees to it.
Andhak assurace that he’d take care of the child and make him strongest of all.

Natyacharay shows his gratitude towards Mahadev for teaching  him Tandav..(art..ah divine thing I say. Indeed grateful to have started to know one.)
Mahadev tells that he has with great sincerity and devotion learnt the art form..and thus henceforth teh whole world would call him with the name ‘Rishi Tandu’

Back here  Andhak takes along a little Lohitan, he comes across a rishi and asks for a drink of water from his kamandal. The rishi gives him and also reminds Andhak of his son’s death. he had done a good job in accepting the defeat and is now safe by accepting the child…The rishi provokes Andhak by reminding him of how his son was killed by Mahadev and he now is doing a great thing in taking care of the child of his son’s murderer.
Andhak endures this and moves on.
He gets reminded of his son’s death…of how he used to play with his little child…then of Mahadev’s words that its in his hands to look after his cchild’s good. As he keeps his sane and goodness…his alter ego comes forth him and instigates him reminding of how he has failed his son’s scarifies…how he doesn’t understand the truth,.
Mahadev killed his son and now he was left all his self esteem to a side and taken the job of taking care of his sons’ murder’s ansh. He should oppose and use the child against Mahadev.
Mahadev had made sure that he gets eyes and sees whateve he wants him to see..Andhak says that he asked the child from Mahadev..the alter ego says that its his ignorance of not seeing the truth..he must have forgotten his son’s death just cause of the fear of his death.
Andhak asks the alter ego to go away.

Mahadev is pondering over something…on asked by Parvati devi he says that he is worried abt the asura who is doing penance to gain powers, but after the guy gains the powers, he’d misuse them. (tehy show an asura doing severe penance of Brhmdev.)

Andhak goes to his place, his wife asks abt teh child..ANdhak says its Mahadev’s blessing Shivansh- Lohitan..Mahadev has given the child’s responsibility to him..
Then one of the asur says that such time has come where the asuras have to baby sit the devta’s children.

Andhak disagrees, but the asura constantly rants Andhak for his decision..Mahadeb has given him alms, keeping his self esteem, respect and statue in his pocket…can the child rise the asura’s confidence, status and image ? He should have thought of all these being a king..he is undeserving  of the throne. They only have hope on tohan (sorry couldn’t hear that right)

Indr at swarg, he tells his sob story to Naradji (poor guy kahan phasgayee) Indr tells that shivansh would have a bad influence cause of teh asura upbringing…(now he is worried abt his throne) Indr rants asuras..the have always done bad to teh world, causing imbalance to the world. They also misuse Mahadev’s blessings n boons…
Naradji explains that Mahadev must have had some reason behind all this..for every act of his is for the good of the world. Indr tells that Mahadev has done unjust by giving such great power to the asura.s
He explains had Mahadev have given SHivansh to devtas would it ever be called fair? Besides teh devtas already have a Shivansh- Kartikeya. Indr ki bati jali and he reminds of Kartikeya.

Kartikeya at the Kailash, shares his disagreement on Lohitan’s issue with Parati ma..He is worried.
Mata says taht she can’t change his mind, but Mahadev’s doing is for the good of the world..there must be some concrete reason.
K thinks , there wont be any one better than Prithvi devi to look after Lohitan. Somehow he can’t expect goodness from Andhak.
Mata says that may be,..but he does believe in his dad- Mahadev.

The Saptrishi come to Kailash, on asked by Parvati ma they say that they had a very bad feeling of Vishnudev while they were meditating and wish to inquire abt its significance.
Mahadev arrives and reminds them that its all their doing, how they cursed Vishnuudev yugas ago when he was on a rampage in his Narsimha  avtar.  So teh time has piped for that curse to some to effect.
The curse was when Narsimh swamy after Hiranykashyap was still on his raging self..they curse him taht someone would swallow him as well.
The saptishis feel guilty of their act and apologize. Now they wanted to stop the curse..Mahadev says they dnt have that chance, but yes with their curse they themselves have got its solution.
Them giving the curse was not of reasonless…so they dnt have to worry n guilt. They disappear.

Precap: Andhal goes to Prthvidevi and seeks blessings for Shivansh- Lohitan. prithvi devi blesses the child to gain the attraction powers along with the ability of gaining more knowledge.
Mahadev tells that Prithvi devi has the wrong thing. Andhak is back to his evil self saying”Mahadev’s mistake will be punished by the child”

Update Credit to: Sankalp Prapti

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