Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th January 2013 Written Update

After Ravan’s experience of knowing the divine..he has no wish left- he is just hollow and empty.

At Kailash Parvati devi, decorates the Shivling with flowers.. she then reasons her own act of being mulish.
She recalls her say during their wedding that she’d accept him in that very form and now she expects different.. She then says that he being in her life is her Sringar and their family is her beauty.

Though she had a few wishes which is natural to be felt by a wife .She feels weirdly happy to have a viragi (Dispassionate one as her) husband; who Loves he in her real form.

No sooner she says this, Mahadev appears after raping up Ravan’s episode.

Mahadev’s intense gaze makes Parvati devi aware of his presence and she turns back to find him stare at her.

Ravan’s asur granpa chides him for his act of not making full use of the opportunity, Mahadev would have given him anything he wished for. Ravan retorts that this is the reason why the asuras are getting a decent position in the world. He feels that a devote ones getting his wish fulfilled never thinks back of one deity.

An inspired Vibhishan appreciates his big bro for his wisdom and courage of conviction.
“Mahadev has tagged me as his biggest devote-what more do I want” Ravan says.
Ravan’s granpa says that he is the biggest fool.

Back to Kailash..Mahadev and Parvati devi near each other…

Shiva says that a person can only fulfill his duty one when his family support him – respect and understand of his duties.

Mahadev appreciates Mata Parvati’s concern and thought of putting a devote’s life first instead of her own self.
Mahadev is all romantic today

He says holding his wife’s arm “Though I left you, but I cannot walk away from you… Cause you always stay with me.
You stay in me, in the form of River, in the greens, in the rain, as the mountain ranges, in my Heart, inside and out side of me- you are always with me- you are Prakriti and I reside in it. I cannot be apart from all this.
I may become viragi, I ma become tapasvi or even Grihast – its impossible to stay away from this world (ie her.. the word was uttered in kinda romantic- shayar kinda romantic ) ”

Since when is Shiva attending Romantic classes hun! using all those poetic lines

She says that hearing such things from her Viragi husband she definitely feels surprised but also is gladdened. She not angry anymore! (Shiva knows all- all this romance thing; but chose to be natural and simple)
She says that their children wants him to live with them there.. though she knows that her husband has the responsibility of looking after the world.

She wishes that all of them eat together.. SHiva says be it!

BAck to Ravan, who is being bashed by his granpa..for not conducting his duty as a brother- to get back his sister’s husband alive.
Ravan replies that all these are Maya.. he adds that if she becomes a devote of SHiva with her penance she would attain bliss and then there would be no more wishes left.

He also warns his granpa not to side tack them of Mahadev bhakti.

Indr on the other hand feels happy that Ravan had not asked anything perilous to him- just being Mahdev’s param bhakt was enough for him.
Dev Guru says peace will bestow then when he stop having insecurity of his thrown.

Back to Kailash where Mata Parvati cooks for her family.. Ganesh comes only to find his mother make many delicacies. HIs mother observes him standing at the back of her and calls him out,… He tells that she looks happy as she is now all decked up..and he is very happy for her.
He just came by if she needed any help.. Parvati ma says that she doesn’t need any help from him and asks him to come when the food is ready.

PArvati ma then calls him back and tells him that the whole family is gonna eat together thus he cannot eat … he replies that he can eat twice.
Then Parvati ma gives him a modak for time being and asks him to wait till they all eat.
Ganesh call everyone to get ready to eat.

The Mahadev Family including Nandi sits a place on the ground and enjoy the food.
Ganesh says that the puri is very delicious… To which Kartikeya replies that its not a good habit to speak while eating and besides there is every chance to get choked.

GAnesh says that the food is so delicious that he couldn’t resist the appreciation. Then again he says that he’d follow his brother’s orders.

Ganesh at once starts to eat very swiftly.. everyone observes this… Ashok SUndari tells Ganesh that if eats so quickly how will he get the taste of the food.. Ganesh points out that even Ashok Sundari is talking while eating.. Kartikeya says her not to talk while eating.
Then both AS and Ganesh wisely point out that even he is talking while eating.. and they all burst into laughter..enjoying their time together.
Kailash is echoed with laughs of the children.

At Vaykunth
Brhmdev Sarswati devi, Visnudev and his pranpriye feel happy to see Mahadev and family lead some good moments together in peace.

As they enjoy their food..rain starts and they feel dissatisfied for not eating the whole meal in peace.. Kartikeya feels that had they had a palace ths wouldn’t have happened.
This makes Parvati ma think over the issue and Shiva already saw that coming.

Precap: MAta parvati puts a word to Mahadev in order to keep their kids safe they need to build a house.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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