Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 28th February 2014 Written Update

ON the occasion of Shivratri, Shiva in his viragi form is being treated by his devotes they perform abhishek to SHiva.

Vishnu dev informs Brhmdev taht SHiva is worried abt Sati..where as Sati walk in the forest being glad that she is been show the right path by the man… on the other side..Satbheesh’s men follow Sati with bows and arrows in their hand..
As per the minister’s orders they had to kill Sati in the forest they aim the arrow at her..
Shiva observes this and disappears from teh place.

Nandi is shocked n upset as Shiva has left him again..Vishnuji tells him that Mahadev ahs gone back to hos secret forest zone.. Nandi feels upset, bu is still resolved to search him.. Naradhi tells that he’ll help Nandi

reach Mahadev.
Sati is attacked by the arrows..and saves herself from them at the nick of the moment..

Mahadev bangs his trident on the ground..which is on fire…
Naradji at Kheersagar talks to Vishnuji that this attack thing is making Mahadev even more angered…
Brhmdev replies that Mahadev’s rage, pain is shown by his tishul…Being in the world Mahadev’s inanimate trishul too has turned sensitive..

Vishnu ji utters ‘shulpani’ Mahadev’s trishul… significance of three – is the divine energy of three dev..significance the creation by Brhman- nurturing done by Him (Vishnu’s)- and destruction done by Mahadev..which is inevitable for the growth of the world
How he is above the past, present and the future . And these three gunas- Rajogun, Tamasgun and Satvgun are in his control.
The trident also significe.. swarg, bholok, and patal also hint the world, godly and spiritual realms.. it also gives the importance of mind, body and soul entities..Desire, karm (doing) and knowledge.

the trident is the destroyer of moh maya(desires), ego, and the parmandnda- bliss.

Now the attackers try to rain arrows at Sati..but Mahadev rise a wall of water from the alke/river where She wallks..and stops those arrows.. due to this the attackers drown and so does Sati.

Back here Rishi Dhadhichi and his wife discuss abt SHiva’s sudden disappearance.. the former informs that Mahadev seemed unsteady and disturbed. The wife says that no devotee has come to have Mahadev’s prasad.

Back at their ashram..they feed other rishis..when Vishnu ji comes in disguise of a conman man. Rishi Dhadhich finds a spark in the person.. Vishnuji tells that he wishes to have Shiav’s prasad…as he is Mahadev’s bhakt and he tells that he is v lucky to do pooja.. it seems he is Mahadev’s greatest devotee…Dhadhich sayshe just another devotee of Mahadev… he only seeks an opportunity to serve Maadev.
Vishnuji replies that he feels that he (dhadhich) is gona do a great help for Mahadev, for which the world will be ever grateful for.
Then they give Mahadev’s pooja prasad to him..

Kam dev goes to Devraj Indr as he was clled there by him…Indr tells he likes Kamdev um but that doesnt meean he plots strategies against him…Kam dev tells he never intends to do so.. Indr inquires then why does he need n make bow n arrow.
Kamdev clarifies that its not gonna harm anyone..beisdes it would do good to the world…and he is out to do some milan business..where there is no space for negativity.
Indr akss so he doesn’t need to be afraid of him..Kam says abso no..he is not after any thrown…he just wishes to unite Shiv-Shakti.

Everytime Kam sets out to search Mahadev, he loses him…and this time when he felts where Shiva might be..Indr called him..and he lost Shaiv’s location yet again.
Indr warns Kamdev abt the impending danger, as it is Mahadev..Kam says he too is capable of sorting things on

Garudh asks Vishudev why didn’t he accept the prasad in his roopa and why did he take a form of a comman devote.. Vishnudev replies that he wouldn’t have gotten the happiness of having the prasad as a devotee to Shiva…

Back here Shiva rescues a drowning Sati..on gaining conscious she
Vishnuji and Brhmdev are excited abt this as this feeling of Mahadev would make him feel that Sati is Shati who completes him and will bring Shiva back from viragi mode.

Satibheesh plots anoter plan…Angeera iw worried as all their plans are failing.. Satbheesh assurance him taht they’ll succeed as he has plan B- hinting to a bowl of terrible poisonous water

Precap: Shiva asks Nandi and ganas to tell Sati to go away from his sight..
Sati reaches her camp..and tells them that she wishes to go to that mountain – as she still feels incomplete..
Daksha reaches the camp and vows to take things into his hands n make things nasty if his daughter is found at Kailash.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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