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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with saptrishi says to narayan that we are going to happen yagya but it will not possible until banasur will give ahuti in it. Narayan says, he will definitely give the ahuti. Everybody starts yagya and banasur comes to stop the yagya. Mahadev does meditation. Banasur says, i will interrupts this yagya and then i will punish all the rishis. Banasur calls his bow and arrow and aim towards rishi. RIshi says, narayan, its time for banasur ahuti. Banasur throws arrow towards rishi and it turns into ahuti.
Its time for birth of mata parvati. Banasur calls his sword but he couldnt attack on them. Mata’s positive energy goes out from yagya and then mata takes birth. WOrld again becomes green and positive energy spread everywhere. Narad ji says, mata has taken new birth.

Mata laxmi says, by mata parvati, banasur death is must. Everybody gives compliment about mata.
Narayan says to banasur, when you cannot injured by your thousand hand then what you can do with your 2 hands. Banasur says, who are you? who knows about my thousand hands. Narayan says, you know about mahadev but you dont know about your hand killer. Narayan comes into his real face. Banasur says, ohh… so you are.. Banasur says, you cannot kill me. Narayan says, you must know one thing that mata has taken birth. Bansasur says, if she has taken birth then there is nothing to worry, i will kill her. Saptrishi says, banasur will not keep calm, he will definitely attack to mata. Narayan says, i know everything and i will available on time to guide her. SHe is in her face and now it’s time call devi laxmi for our responsibility. Mata’s parents does conversation about mata. Narayan and mata laxmi comes to her home. Mata laxmi says, she has already decided her destiny, there is nothing to worry. Narayan says, if you need any kind of help then you will get it. mata’s parents ask from narayan and mata laxmi for naming to mata. Mata laxmi gives name to mata “Kumari “. Narayan says, but i want to alert you for some important points that this child taken birth for some important work so please stay away from mahadev. If she will goes near to mahadev then she will not complete her task. Mata’s father says, how it is possible to stay away from mahadev. Narayan says, you are thinking that i am saying faq. Mata’s mother says, ok, we will stay kumari away from mahadev but you guide us. Narayan says, kumari will meet with guru and he will guide him but unless she have to stay away from mahadev.
Narayan arise in front of menawati. Narad ji ask from narayan, what is this prabhu, shiva and shakti is one thing but in this birth, she have to stay away from him. Narayan says, if we want to take fruits from tree then it is must to put fruit away from tree. In this birth, if kumari will remind anything about mahadev then she will not complete her task and she will eager to unite with mahadev and distracted her path.
Banasur senapati says to banasur, we have spreaded all our force everywhere and fastly searching new born girl. Banasur says, if mata has taken birth then i will definitely get shiv ling. Menawati says, will parvati get proper nutrition from her mother. Narayan says, there is nothing to need to mother for her child and i will appear as kumari’s guru on time.
Narad ji says, banasur said that he will stop kumari. Narayan says, if banasur stop kumari then he will goes near to death.

Precap:- Narayan comes as kumari guru and one bull attacks on kumari.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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