Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th May 2013 Written Update

Vrinda recalls what J has said a while ago.. about them together, about his promise.. she prays to Lord Vishnu for her husband’s safety.
As she does that J comes back…and she gets to know about his arrival.

She requests him to take part in the puja which she does for his protection.
J sits beside her infront of the Vishnu murti and Vrinda decorates the coconut with vermillion and tells him that they need to do the pradakshina around Vishnu ji’s murti.. where she will accept it whole heartedly that she is her essence and that he is dear to her.
They take rounds around the idol and settle down.. V says that she feels a kind of divine presence in the room.
The puja is complete and now he is invincible- she can now say that on the

bases of her chastity. No one and nothing can ever harm him.


At the battle ground Kartikeya slays off Mrityudevi, who lay dead on the ground.. as a virtues warrior Kartikeya asks the devas to respectfully give away her body to the enemies, to which Yamraj replies that its not required.
Kartikeya gives his respect by folding his hands towards Yamraj.. Yamraj replies that he cannot give him the blessing of long life.. not because he is Yamraj- the lord of death- but cause of the reason that they both are face to face in the war.

K says that Y has not done the right thing by starting the battle at Kailash.. but for him what matters the most is to find his mother, to free her from the clutches of J.

K asks Y to go away before he gets himself killed… Y says to K that his birth was to became a warrior and besides he is Mahadev’s son and thus Y doesn’t want to kill K.
Y asks K to run along … He show cases his powers to K so that he can know Y’s power if he has any doubts abt it.

Y blows toxic air from his mouth and makes the devaas lose their conscious, he does the same to the ganas.. and when he tries to do the same to K.. K folds his hands in revere and starts utter Om Namah Shivay… which forms a protective layer around him. Y is shocked to see this.

Y gets it that K has no intention to back off.. K says that he’ll destroy anything that comes between his mother and him!


Vrinda is happy that J has attended the puja.. asks how did he find attending the puja.. seeing him mute she asks him to speak up.
As she forgets to put Tilak on his forehead.. she brings the vermillion and puts in his forehead.. then a weird radiance come put of J’s body and she moves away from him.

She asks who is he?
Then J turns into Vishnu ji… Vrinda is terrified.


Back here Mahadev shouts (still) devi Parvati’s name and she feels it that someone is calling her… she tries to search everywhere as to who is calling her.

Mean while on the battle field K and Y are fighting a furious battle and K eventually slaying Yamraj down.


At Kailash no one has any clue of whats happening…
Live audience fear if there is no solution to this, the world be engulfed into Shiva…

Trite dialogue of Brhm dev.. he says they need to have faith in Adi shakti even this time like always she will to calm down Mahadev.
Narad rishi tells how would that happen as her memory hasn’t come back.

Gannu bhayya feels scared of all the rage n fire around him and cries for help to his mother.

Back here Parvati devi walks ahead in the cave and finds a Shiv ling ..she gets reminded of herself praying Shiv ling in her past..
She then moves forward and small water hole and takes some water from in into a leaf .. she carries the water to the SHiv ling and offers it to the ling.

All of a sudden the fire around Shiva vanishes and everyone are as usual clueless abt it
Then Parvati devi gets reminded of what Rishi Dhadhich said

‘Disha bhatakna hee disha ko pana hai’

She then by her powers gets a bail leave and offers it to the Shiv ling and closes her eyes.. so does Mahadev.

Mahadev is back in his serener version Ganesh hugs his father…and Nandi pays his respect to him.

Mahadev searches for Vishnu devi.. when he sees Lakshmi devi in helpless expression..he closes his eyes and sees all that Vishnudev endured & sacrificed by turning himself into J.

Vrinda gets to know that its ios Vishnu dev and she gives him the curse that one day even is wife will be tricked in this way…
She then goes into the ocean for jal samadhi.. J gets to know this and cries hard holding his wife close.

Update Credit to: killer_shark

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