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Episode starts with mata and mahadev conversation. She says, please guide my journey, if you will say me to stop then i will not go. Mahadev says, you must have to go. You have given oath and for this oath, you have to go and we must be seperated. You have to take new birth. Mata cries and go from there.
Mahadev also cries and hug her. Mahadev says, your pain that you are feeling, it is same for me, but remember one thing that shiv and shakti will not be seperated. You always find path to get me. You get me unless path will be diffcult. Mata says, you said me that this end is start, i am now understanding the meaning of whole conversation. mata seperates with mahadev. Mata disappears. Disaster arises in world. Narad ji says to narayan, prabhu whole world is effected by seperation of

mata and mahadev. Nandi says, i am feeling unwell, it is indicating that something happened very bad. ganesh ji also admits it. Kartikaye says, pitaji already told me about it. We have to go at nani’s home and ask from them. Menawati and himawan searches mata parvati and they didnt find her. Mahadev cries and his tears become rudraksh.
Mata laxmi says, it is really feel bad to see mahadev alone. Mahadev does meditation. Narayan and bhram dev comes to meet him but they couldnt meet him. Bhram dev says, you have to handle mahadev’s duty. Narayan says, in absence of bahan parvati, it is really difficult. Bhram dev says, you have to complete the process of mata’s birth. Narayan says, i have to call mata’s energy then she can take birth.
Narayan and bhram dev arise in himawan’s palace. Everybody ask about parvati mata. Narayan says, for killing banasur, mata parvati have to a new birth due to mahadev’s boon. Then narayan recalls whole incident.
Menawati says, i have done wrong with my daughter. Ganesh ji says, no nani ji, you are only just a user to complete the whole task. Ganesh ji ask, then how will mata will born. Narayan says, i will recall whole energy of bahan parvati. Narad ji ask, whole incident will not complete unless banasur will not do ahuti in yagya. Nandi ask, will narayan, after banasur death, can mata and mahadev again become identical. Narayan tells everything from eyes. Narad ji understand the whole incident and then goes from there. Naryan says to nandi, everybody will do exam in whole incident especially kartikaye or ganesh. But for this incident, mahadev and bahan parvati must be seperated unless the task will not completed.
Banasur comes out from his fort. Narad ji appears and stops him. banasur says, why you have stopped me. Narad ji says, do you really think that anything can stop by my call for you. Banasur says, tell me what you want, my time is precious. Narad ji says, you are going to take win against himawan. Go go, i will tell you later. Banasur says, you tell, why you come here. Narad ji says, mata is going to take birth for killing you and most important thing is that saptrishi is doing yagya for help her to take birth. Banasur says, i am going right now and i will stop it. i will not let it happen.
Mata laxmi says, bahan parvati and mahadev always seperated for world wellness and we all gave exam on it. Narayan says, whenever bahan parvati taken birth, mahadev arise but this time i will stop him for completing the whole incident and this incidents result will be vary from other incident.

Precap:- Banasur says, i will stop this yagya. banasur throw arrow and it turns into ahuti. Mata takes new birth. Mata laxmi says, for killing banasur, mata has taken new birth.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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