Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 26th March 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with Indra chanting mantras of Mahadev. Mahadev is pleased with his devotion and gives him darshan. Indra feels highly blessed that Mahadev is happy with his penance and that he’s experiencing satisfaction and peace from inside. Mahadev tells him that the time has come to go back to your original place and too rule the world. Indra tells that from this time he will always rule with keeping discipline in mind.

Mahadev tells him that discipline is not a thing that is to be remembered, it is a breath which we do to intake air. Discipline should come from like we do breathing; hence we should always have discipline within ourselves. Indra touches the feet of Mahadev and Mahadev blesses him.

At Ksheersagar Vishnu tells Brahma and Narada that for

the first time Indra achieved peace from inside and his mind is also pure. And hence, the Shivlinga which Indra worshipped would be known Indreshwar Shivlinga.

There at Kailash, Ashoksundari comes near Parvati to express her pain. She says that she was calm in such situation because of what you (Parvati) have taught her. She also wants cuddle her mother and cry in her lap for once. Seeing his daughter in pain, Mahadev hugs her daughter and Ashoksundari cries in her father’s arms.
There at Indralok, Indra tells Indrani that for the first time he is having feeling of satisfaction from inside and that he converted his mind and soul a hell from inside and now he wants to rule the world wisely. Indrani tells him that this was all possible because of Mahadev’s blessings.

There at Kailash, Ashoksundari bids adieu to all, her father and brothers and leave to be with her husband. There at Indralok, Indra says sorry to all the fellow gods and to is Guru Brihaspati for his behaviour in past and from now he will work towards welfare of others.
Suddenly Gandharvaraj comes there and narrates that his son Pushpakgadh has left somewhere and he’s gone to collect flowers for Mahadev’s worship. Indra says that what wrong he’s doing, but Gandharvaraj says that he’s stealing flowers from people to worship Mahadev.
Seeing the situation, at Ksheersagar, Narada asks Vishnu that whatever Pushpakgadh is doing is right? To which Vishnu replies to him that a devotee can choose any path to worship his god, but is the time who is the teacher and when the time comes Pushpakgadh will also learn.

There Pushpakgadh is searching flowers and lands to a king’s garden where he sees beautiful flowers which Mahadev loves and he collects all the flowers. There at palace the Raj Purohit asks the king for Rudrabhishekha of Mahadev when suddenly he notices that the flowers are in small amount. The gardenere tells the king that till night the garden is blooming with flowers, but suddenly in the morning all the flowers disappeared. The king becomes angry and orders to Raj Purohit that no such incident should happen in future.
At Kailash, Ganesha comes to tell Mahadev that he is unsuccessful in spreading Shubhta all over the world. Mahadev tells him that he’s not unsuccessful, but he has done his duty right, it is up to people to accept it or not. Ganesha was about to tell about Kalbhit, but Mahadev knows about him.

Mahadev tells Ganesha that Kalbhit is his devotee and the reason that your Shubhta is not reaching him is because of his parents. There at Kalbhit’s house, Kalbhit’s mother is talking about the current bad situation her family has to face even she is wife of Raj Purohit, which leaves Kalbhit disturbed.

Raj Purohit comes to the house and akes out all his anger on his wife. He tells her that king does not understand anyone’s emotions, he (king) thinks of himself. Mahadev is watching all this.

Precap: – Mahadev and Ganesha disguise themselves in different avatar. Raj Purohit tells mahadev that his son is shy and afraid to face the world, Mahadev tells him that he would change his son and if he’s unsuccessful he will walk out through the same door.

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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