Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th July 2013 Written Update

Vishwamitra is giving training to Ram & Laxman, and they are improving and having a hard Tadka’s Forest One of the man from Tadka’s army says that Vishwamitra has made his ashram a training center and laughs, Tadka Asks Whats there to laugh , whom is he training , the man says he is teaching To the sons of King Dashrath. Tadka says to increase the Army with more soldires , then man asked being afraid to those new youngsters , then she screems is he a fool.

They should not feel ill about enemies as they should know the power of there enemies and if Vishwamitra is teaching them on his own ,, they must not be any kind of normal youngsters. Mahadev’s human avtaar says in his POV Tadka should let them do the yagyan , She says being afraid of them..

no way. What is not right that is not. She is capable of taking care of the forest and its’ Birds and the other tress of it

Mahadev says do u believe or it is actually , she asks what does that mean, He says whether she is actually a yaksh’s daughter or she only believes it then people screems Tadka calms them down and asks why he is asking so Mahadev says.. what if , if they had come to kill her only , will she fight with them , others start threatning mahadev by puttin swords into his neck. Tadka stops them and says yes she would fight with them at any cost. and mahadev says without knowing the fact a fighter should not jump to the field it can only destroy ourselves and our owns and she asks who is he and mahadev says he is no one .. and leaves… Tadka lets him go
Parvati says she is so happy to see them aiming and practicing. Mahadev says they have there last exam as he has to leave all kind of emotions as he has some duties and ambition.

Vishwamitra in the other hand says Ram to aim at a bird and he denies as he is saying he can’t aim at a innocent bird and kill it , then laxman starts to aim and ram stops him and says they can’t do it , laxman opposes ans says that they should obey everything ordered by there Gurudev
Ram says he doesn’t have any kind of offense with his gurudev but he can’t do so . Then Vishwamitra aims and kills the bird which turns into a flower.. he says it was only his illusion and not a real bird… he said him to believe and obey him . He then says he doesn’t do anything opposite just follows his duty. They leave. Ram is sitting under a tree and thinks what gurudev said.

Then a parrot comes and stuck into a roof of hut and says please to help it and make it come out of the problem. as world has reversed and land has gone upper and heaven has come lower if the land falls on it , it will be dead and ram says to him nothing has happened to him as he thinks only that.. nothing is changed if it leaves the branch and then everything will be ok. Mahadev appears yes you are right and says the parrot only thinks that he is only thinking of something opposite happens and nothing more as he is a fighter so he should complete his duties and Ram feels happy and relieved.

Ram goes to Vishwamitra and apologies. And he says he is just doing his duty and nothing more and aims a Vaan to the air and it comes down and falls around all three of them in 4 directions. And asks Ram can he follow him and do so , and Then He agrees and aims and his Vaan comes and falls in between those only.

Precap: From the mahadev’s shadow and the first glimpse of Piyush (Adult Ram is shown)

Update Credit to: reeti

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