Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th February 2013 Written Update

Shivji tells Parvati you are free from Maya but my biggest bhakta is fully engrossed in Maya. His ego is making him fall for it more.
At rishi Vashistha’s aashram he tells Arundhati as per Shivji’s wish, Nahush’s varayatra will come to our aasharam. She says King Aayu & his people are used to of rajasik arrangements, we can’t make such an arrangement in this aashram. Rishi Vashistha assures her with Shivji’s blessings everything will be fine.
Mena is worried about the arrangements of cloths & jewellery. She can’t see anything happening here, tells Paravti she can get them from her palace. But Parvati assures her, Shivji must have made some arrangements. Nandi remembers Haladi ceremony at the time of Shivji’s wedding. Mena tells

him at that time you were from the groom’s side, now you are from the bride’s side. both are different, you need Haladi not Bhasma. Parvati asks Nandi to go & get Haladi from Aayu’s palace.
At rishi Vashistha’s aashram Arundhati is worried. Shivji & Parvati comes there. Shivji tells him you are the wealthiest person on Earth, you are giving education, spreading knowledge. Your unselfish services should be rewarded. Parvati tells him there should be a Cow with Kamdhenu’s ansh, who can always fulfill all your needs. A Cow appears. Happy rishi Vashistha says such kripa only can happen by Devadhi dev Mahadev. Rishi Vashistha tells Arundhati, now this wedding can be grand, whatever is needed can be asked from her. Arundhati asks for the necessary stuff for the wedding from Cow, who gives it.
Ashok Sundari is sad, remembers past years spent at Kailash. Parvati comes, tells her Haladi is the sign for a daughter that she’ll be leaving her father’s house. But bidai from father’s house never means she leaves her parents mind & heart, she always stays with them in their memories. Shivji too comes, tells crying AS, a child can be physically away but never from her parent’s hearts. Kartikeya too comes there. Shivji tells her now it is time for the aim of her being born should be fulfilled, her penanace has to give result. There is a big difference between Yoga & Sansarik life. The way your mother made me understood, even you’ll realize the same.
Shivji tells Ashok Sundari, you’ll have to accept Nahush’s family as yours. It’s both husband & wife’s responsibality to make the marriage work, for that both have to adjust with each other & work for it every day. It’s a Social responsibality too. Everyone will expect you to never make any mistake as you are Mahadev & Parvati’s daughter. But there is nothing wrong in making mistakes, but not learning anything from them & not accepting them & repeating it is wrong. For a happy marriage 4 qualities are needed. Patience to understand things well, satisfaction to adjust with minimum requirements, daan keeps one away from Moha & forgiveness takes you towards God. If you’ll remember them everyday then will never be unhappay. Ashok Sundari says she will remember them everyday. Ganesh says if she forgets, he’ll come to remind her with Modak’s made by mother. She teases him saying will they reach her or will get finished on the way? All enjoy the lighter moments at Kailash.

Precap: At Kailash all have gathered for Ashok sundari’s Haladi ceremony. Lakshmiji says they should start the ritual. Parvati says Haladi ceremony must have started at Aayu’s palace. Ashok Sundari & Nahush both are applied Haladi. Jaya, Vijaya are dancing. Shivji is watching with a smile.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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