Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th October 2013 Written Update

Martyand stands on a stage(no clue why)… everyone ask where are Mhalsa n Banahee..
Banahee gets Mahalsa ready for the occasion.

She is adorned with ear rings, nathni,…flowers etc..Banahee breaks her knuckle to her temple to wade away the evil (balahee ya lena)

Then they all see a beautiful Mahalsa draped in green traditional wear.

Martand gives a speech on how Malla n Mani being unjust to them – to scare them off and now they all have to fight for their rights.
He enlightens them how they kept these people in fear and exploited them for so long and this day knowing that they have to fight for their rights- their freedom- self respect, they are awakened. Its time for decision and change. Its gonna decide the future which

they are gonna give to the future generations to come.
What are they gonna teach the young ones.. to fight if someone does unfair to them- not to stop until they get their rights back. All get inspired hearing this- he says if anyone who is worried for their life n materialistic things can go. One of them asks they don’t have any weapons- Martand tells that they have their weapons- stronger ones at that; they have unity and most importantly devotion.
The echo of their devotion should echo so loud tha it effects everyone. If one has such positive attitude n right purpose to fight- then no negativity can ever harm them.

The celebration kick start with Martand telling Yellakoti to announce his libation- complete his the flow of the music in him.

Then the whole place echos with music – their is divinity n motivation in the music. A revolution of n with music to fight for a cause.

Mahalsaa and Banahee dance in does everyone… it symbolizes the celebration of awakening- music and freedom.

Martand sees Mangal walk away from the place.. he follows Mangal and talks to him. Martand tries to convince on not taking any unnecessary step at the wrong time. He replies that he has sworn to protect her and he tells that the aghoras out number them and he’d better kill them instead of putting the villagers in perilous situation.

Martand asks him to believe him, he tells until the villagers start to believe brave and brace themselves to attack them they won’t learn anything, besides his sacrifices would go waste. He’d protect Mhalsa.. MAnagl never listens to Martand and leaves and asks him to convey his mesg to Mahalsa not to follow him to the cave – to the danger if she has ever learnt anything from him. he takes a promise from Martand that Till he is alive they shouldn’t help him.

Martand comes back and sings a few musical notes and everyone dance in ecstasy. With Mhalsa orbiting Martand

Sarswati ma utters “Music is the essence of peace, rhythm n beauty ”

Mangal reaches M N M’s cave and is welcomed by a punch on his face.

The villagers say that Martand is their leader as he gave them the strength to fight against MnM. they thank him for awakening n vigil them for the rigts n restore their self esteem.

Mhalsa asks abt Mangal.. on knowing that he is in danger n he not doing anything- she decides to go to the war field . but Martand says her not to as she doesn’t realize the consequences.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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