Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with menawati does mourn and says, i know banasur used kronch and he wanted to kill him. Mata parvati says, no mother, kronch got his curse result. Kronch will kill by shivansh. Menawati says, if any shivansh doesnt kill kronch then how it happens. Why it is important to kill kronch. Kartikaye feels guilty then mata encourage him and says, you have fulfil your duties. I will handle here and you go to kailash.
Menawati says, this is not right. I know, kronch did wrong but banasur encourage him and he killed him. Does banasur shouldn’t be killed. Will you kill banasur? Tell me jagdamba. Can you give me justice. Kartikaye thinks about his maternal grand mother’s conversation and calls mahadev and says, i was fulfilling my duties then why it is bad for me. I

am feeling that i have hurted grand parents but it is well for whole world then why i am feeling bad for this work. Mahadev says, be calm son, i know so many question arising in your heart and these are worthless. you have fulfilled your duties.

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Kartikaye says, i am so emotional, i cannot stay stable. mahadev says, people think that if they do holy work then it cannot be worst. Dont face off from your work. You should accept your deed. If you will not eager then you will feel more pain.
Menawati says, if mahadev didnt give power to banasur then will banasur distract to kronch. Banasur used kronch. Mahadev can see everything and he knew everything and you also knew everything but why you wouldn’t stop it. I am not asking answer from my daughter but i am asking from adi shakti.
Himawan says, we should accept the truth. Menawati says, i am accepting the truth but i cannot accept half truth. Why banasur is still alive. Will we get justice?
Tell me jagdamba. Please give me answer. Mata parvati says, yes, justice will happen. Menawati takes oath from mata parvati. Mata thinks about previous incident. Mata says to mahadev, i get everything now, we have to get seperated again. Mata takes oath and says, i am taking oath that i will release world from banasur’s pain. I will kill him.
Narayan says, mahadev and bahan parvati already know that they will seperated and they also know that they will again meet but when they will seperated, it will be most painful. mahadev and bahan parvati has felt so many pain.
Mata comes to meet mahadev and thinks about her oath. Mata calls mahadev and says, you were teacher and you have guided, I get myself by your identification. Whenever any fear arises, you guided me. Now again i need your help. Everything started from here and now we again here. Please guide our journey, if you will stop me then i will not go. Mahadev says, you have to go, you have to take another birth.

Precap:- Narad ji says to banasur that mata parvati is going to take a new birth and saptrishi is doing yagya for it. Banasur says, i will not allow to compete this yagya.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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