Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with kartikeya asking Mahadev how will Ashoksundari bear it. Mahadev says Ashoksundari is very mature she will be able to sail through the aftermath

At swargalok all saptarishis are present in front of Nahush . He tell them to carry his Palki . They say that you had yourself asked for our guidance earlier, so we are telling you what you are doing is wrong. Nahush says in a proudy tone that don’t interfere in my personal life. Saptarishi say that even if this is your personal life then too we would say that people holding high positions have to be moral and responsible even in their personal life. Nahush insults them and tells them to stop talking and carry the palki

Indrani prays to Mahadev and thinks that she should not have asked

for such a thing. To safeguard myself I have become the reason for the insult of saptarishis , she says to Mahadev please do not let Nahush come here. Please protect the integrity of a woman

Ashoksudari prays to Mahadev to stop Nahush from insulting another woman and Saptarishi

Saptarishi are carrying Nahush ‘s Palki . He says why are you walking so slow??? Haven’t you eaten or is it that you have lost the ability to work by sitting and giving Ahuti all day. Why are you walking like a tortoise ?? No a tortoise walks faster. You are crawling like a snake

At Vaikundha lord Vishnu says Nahush has lost the ability to think. He has forgotten that Rishi Agastya one of the saptarishis had drunk of the entire ocean to break it’s pride, if Nahush doesn’t stop, what we fear will happen

At Swargalok Nahush’s mother and Ganesh ji come to meet Ashoksundari. Mother says that it’s her fault, she had forced Devi Parvati into making him unnaturally grow up. Thus this is the result if that. Ganesh says stop giving shelter to Nahush, even now you are ready to take the blame for his doings. Let him bear the burden of his sins . It’s important

Nahush continues to insult the rishis then he pushes Agastya Rishi and calls him a snake. Rishi gets angry and curses him to become a snake.

Nahush becomes snake

Everyone assemble at Kailash. Indrani says she had never anticipated this and this was not her intension. Her intension was only to protect himself. Dev guru says fault is his as he should have stopped Nahush. Agastya says the fault his his. He should not have lost his cool.

Ashiksundari says she does not blame anyone. Whatever happened was the fault of her husband and he got punished

Mahadev says all was predestined. Na hush off course had a chance to change the destiny but he didn’t take it

Agastya gets impressed by Ashoksundari’s patience and says I cannot take back my curse but can make it time bound. When Nahush will come in contact with a member of his future generations he will become free of the curse

Kartikeya asks Mahadev who will be dev raj now. Mahadev on deep thought

Lord Vishnu says a wife was patient but will a mother be as patient?? Indicating towards Devi Parvati. He says time has come for another Avatar of lord shiva

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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