Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with mahadev shows dance position . Narad ji says to devta that tandav has so many pose but can it be dangerous for world. Mahadev will save world, mahadev has taken poison in his throat but now will he save the world. Tandav will make pure world. It is blessing for world. YOu know that mahadev has 4 steps, which help nature to flow. Mahadev’s tandav flows in whole world, in river, in air, in sound. Everybody will happen with tandav. Tandav is mahadev’s poem. Natyakar is first man who is learning tandav from mahadev. Natyakar gets distracted to see mahadev’s tandav but when mahadev do tandav then world will gets distracted but mata will make everything flowable.
Vishnu ji reaches to mata and says, save world from mahadev’s tandav. Mata also gets

distracted. Devraj Indra pray to mata adi shakti. Mata also does her dance form.
Ganesh ji says to kartikayan ji, mata will save world from father tandav. Mahadev will make world worried and mata make everything normal.
Mata see the mahadev is not becoming normal then she again dance.
Vishnu ji says, devi parvati has power in her dance. Like tandav is mahadev’s dance form alike lasya is mata’s dance form. Mata is only in jagdamba can control the world.
Mahadev gets stop his tandav and then he follows mata’s dance form. Indra says, will with this droplets, shivansh will born. Shivansh borns.
Mahadev says to mata, shivansh is not born, he born with my blood. He will known as Rohitansh. Devi prithvi comes and says, this child is born on me then can i take this child. Mahadev says to mata, Yes devi parvati, devi prithvi will take care of Rohitansh. Devi prithvi gives thanks to mahadev.
Andhak comes and pray to mahadev and says, mahadev, i have lost my son and i am asur, so please give me lohitang. I will take care of him. THen mata prithvi says to mahadev, i am giving lohitansh to andhak.
Mahadev accepts the decision of devi prithvi then devi prithvi gives shivansh to andhak. Andhak assures to mata prithvi that he will good take care of shivansh. Devraj indra comes and says, i have done everything so please give me lohitansh to me, i am afraid because if shivansh will take care by andhak then he will take bad manners from asurs.

Precap:- Mahadev says to devraj, it is your exam now, andhak says to himself, now you will take revenge.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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