Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th July 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Mahadev in a forest where some men are fencing the with stone , Mahadev in simple manav rup A lady comes and inquires , you are still alive ? He asks her why are you fencing this place ? She says living in forest is like living at danger all the time, it teaches us to be stay guarded , she says its been some time since we spoilt Viswamitra’s Yagya , So we don’t know what he must be planning , He asks why did you spoil his yagya , She says to do yagya one need lot of wood and I don’t want anyone to cut these trees , he asks why do you have problem with his yagya , She says to do yagya he has been cutting so many forests , and being the protector of these forests i spoil his yagya , He asks without knowing its importance you have been spoiling

his yagya ,that to just because you are against devtas, She says I am not against any one I am not like those who worshiped tridev and had amrit , but I know i am master of this land and will protects these forest ..he asks who told you you are master of these forests ? she no one who is most powerful they make their own rule …

Ram and Laxman with their gurudev are in a beautiful place Ram asks where we gurudev ? why do i feel i know this place ,Mahadev and mata Parvati who is watching them Mata tells Mahadev that Ram is connected to you , he says since his birth we are establish this relationship .. Gurudev asks Ram if you really want to know this place then close your eyes you will get your answer , Ram does as Gurudev told him to do , He closes his eyes , and sees Mahadev with mata at the same place and telling her that this place will be known as Parvati Van then they planted a tree , Ram gets his answer , He goes near that tree and does parikrama , Laxman follows him and does same ,

by seeing them doing parikram mata tells Mahadev that i feel like going there and meet them , Mahadev says you will meet them soon but you have responsibility attached to laxmi’s manav rup , she says she remember that i have promised mata laxmi , she asks Mahadev when are they( Laxman , Bharat , Shtru ) getting married ? He says very all of them get married at same time , they all are Narayan’s rum , and were together at seshnag , Bharat is narayan panchjani ansh , Shatru is his sudarsan chakra , and their brides were chosen by devi laxmi , Urmila ,Mandavi and sutkriti ..during samurda manthan they are his tow lotus flower and one sankh ,

At Janak’s Bahawan Sita with her sisters , Urmila , Mnadavi and sutakriti are getting sansarik knowledge from her father Janak ,

Its night time Ram and laxman are sleeping in a hut in the ashram, Laxman is not able sleep , Ram tells laxman that mata sumitra had told him something ,that during your birth you cried a lot but when you brought near me you stopped crying , since then you have been staying close to me , He says but bhaiya I am missing maa she would have made me sleep with her soft touch , He says I am here I will make you feel comfortable and close to maa, Mahadev tells mata that he is very happy the way Ram is guiding Laxman ,

Mahadev comes to ashram and asks guru Viswamitra you seem worried you can share your problems with me , he says prabhu the way boys are growing I am happy and know they are become capable but the way Ram is and his deiya connection , Do you think he can kill any one ? I haven’t told them why they have been brought here , they are here to kill tadaka , Mahadev says they are not ready yet , they will be told at the right time ..

precap: Ram and laxman are practicing archary , and gurudev asks Ram to kill a bird to which he says he can’t kill that innocent soul, Mahadev thinks that Ram can’t be tied to moh he has to come out of that

Update Credit to: cheena

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