Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 25th February 2014 Written Update

Shiv and Sati have a heated argument as the latter insults him saying he is uncultured and the biggest example of his loneliness was the half built structure..he gets angered and she catches the pt that he is angry as she has said the right thing..she expected some civil behavior from him..but she was wrong..what was he. whats his identity…she says she was gonna give him one chance to make him civilized but staying in teh forest he has eeven lost his humanity. He retorts that no one has asked her to roam abt in the forests..and neither anyone has forced her to leave her princess life…so much for a temporary materialistic society..he doesn’t need to be a part of it. Its waste to take pride in such incomplete society..such laws become the path way for

atrocities..he asks her to leave, she says tthat he is wandering aimlessly..but its she who is wandering..for the freedom she desperately seeks which she is never gonna attain..cause she will forver be Daksha’s daughter and can never be she has made her father as her existence..and she defines herself with his laws..and is far from truth.
What will she lead his way..when she herself is incapable of doing so … saying so he leaves. She feels hurt…reminding of his rude words…she accepts that it was he mistake to ask help from.

Bhrigu asks the mantri abt the real motive…he says Satbheesh has sent him there..and is clueless abt their minister’s death.. Bhrigu tells that he can read ppl’s stars and tell the truth..and this guy surely is hiding his tongue and mind aren’t sharing the same bench. He inquires abt Sati,..but the guy doesn’t say anything.

Mahadev here goes near a lake to have a drink of water…as he does that, he sees a reflection on the water…it was a shadow of his AdrhNareshwar form…he smiles… feels warmed and tries to tocuh it..but all of a sudden a log comes and falls into the pond..distracting his focus.

Bhrigu says he had to go back to Daksha as he cant truest anyone else…both Sati’s sisters decide to stay there for Sati to come back…when asked abt the minister, he says the guy is in their capture…he is more worried abt Sati’s safety!

Back here Sati lectures herself of being adventures one..she has to bare the result now for her curiosity and venture dreams. She talks to herself..when she reaches her palace..she’d asks her mom to make her fav food…and ask her father abt things to do while getting stuck in the forest.. how to track the directions out of it.. and how not to trust starngers…and how not to knock sense in some stranger jungle guy’s brain.

He discovers that a few soldiers were chopping off the ancient trees…on asked they infrom him of Angeera’s mahayagya..and there will be more of them joining to cut the whole forest.. this angers Shiva, he disciplines them that they don’t have any right to abuse the resources of mother nature … they have the obligation of protecting the plants as hey too have feelings.. though they may not bleed blood when cut..but they have life..and cutting them for unnecessary and useless reasons is wrong. They justify saying they use trees for fulfilling their needs…he replies that they have to see one day the wrath of nature. He tells that it takes so much time for a tree to grow… maintain itself… produces lowers and takes lots of effort for it too.

They never listen to him and carry on their work…Mahadev gets angry for harming the prakriti so he bang his trishul hard and all those soldiers fall on da ground..they realize his powers… they asks why does he attack a fellow human for those trees.. Mahadev says that they can’t boss and take trees for granted..the nature for granted… the trees give us air, shade n fruits and its abso unjust on our part to abuse them.

Did they ever given it a thought that they separate its child from the nature..and also make so many living organisms and birds n animals homeless cutting trees. They see Mahadev’s image in every tree…they realize that he is some great saint and fold their hands in rever…they get enlightened of the importance of preserving the natural resources, a kingdom’s natural beauty and imt factor of food and abundance is at stake and so is the future of the generations to come..they realize his greatness and tells him that they’d give his mesg to their king.

Nandi and ganga still search for Maahadev…they are exhausted but are hopeful to find him one day.. Naradji says they’d find Mahadev soon…
Nandi shares his helplessness.. Naradji tells that only Narayan or Brhmdev would know the secret.. Nandi requests Naradji to take him to sheersagar ..on asked how can he do it.. Nandi begs him to take him there..

Daskha is worried here abt his daughters..Bhrigu tells him Sati is missing.. Daskha is furious…he smells foul..he asks Brhigu to track down Sati from his GPS- Star locations.. Bhrigu informs that its of no the place where she is there is unaffected by stars n planet moments..Daksha feels that one of Tridev is responsible for it and which one he f the tridev is the pb and he will make sure that the other would become the solution.
Dakshs decides to go to the forest..Bhrigu akss what happen here if he leaves the kingdom..Daksh says the world will be in trouble..due to this personal attack.

Precap: Daksh says Brhmdev will be held responsible if anything ever happens to Sati and he is certain that KapaliSHiva is responsible for all this..and if that turns out to be true..he’ll start a war. Sati is being attacked by arrows..

Update Credit to: sankalp

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