Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 25th February 2013 Written Update

Brigu the official pandit for AS and Nahush’s wedding, confirms the three muhurt are auspicious. But the tithi which falls in Vasant ritu is the best..which is after next four days.
Mahadev gives his word for the date.
AS n Nahush blush!

Gannu Bhayya intervenes with a bowl of Modak..saying ‘Its sweet time’ (Oh indeed!)
Nahush and his family take their leave..
On that note Parvati ma tells that they’d eat together..hearing this all are excited.

Back at Kanka..
Ravan loathes himself as he couldn’t get his dear deity with him.
So he decides to punish himself for his failure and puts his hand on the hot Shiv ling.. Vibhishan and Srupnaka are pained to see their brother in such position.
Srupnaka says that

he has got everything he has on just sheer wisdom and hard work. He has the knowledge of 10 vidyas, strength..etc; Right then Smuali comes and supports Surpnaka’s thought.

Gannu bhayya tells Parvati ma to make AS’s fav dishes as she has only a few days left at Kailash.
Mena tells that, it has a long way to go..she is only scared of the near can the wedding take place at Kailash? There is no arrangement made at Kailash for that.
Nandi says that it will be organized as it always was being. It might not be uneasy for them but the groom’s side would feel uncomfortable.
Gannu bhayya comes and tells his granny that her problem is solved…he says that they’d be nothing undone in honoring the guests.
Ganesh reminds Kartileya of Rishi Vashist’s ashram. He says that they can conduct the wedding at the ashram.
Kartikeya finds it to be a good suggestion.
Parvati feels relieved about the venue of the eve… she says that she’d be very glad but they do need to take Rishi Vashist’s permit.

When Sumali begins to poison Dashanan’s mind he stops him from entering the sanctity of the region.. as Sumali steps in Dashanan throws a sword hinting that its their limit. Not disturbing him of getting his deity there.

At Kailash.

Rishi Vashisht feels humbled and honored for being given the opportunity. Mahadev asks Mena Mata if she has anyother problem.

Menavati says she is now free from all worries.
Sugar candy Ganesh invites Rsihi Vashist to eat with them.

Back at Swarg:
Naradji is appalled to see Indr think of the betterment of the devas.
Indr is again insecured not only of Dashanan but also Sumali n gang.

Naradji straight away asks what he wants from him.
Indr doubts that Dashanan by his fake devotion is fulfilling his selfish deeds. And he plans to tell this fake thingie to Mahadev so that Mahadev would know about it.
And that happens Mahadev would take away his shaktis and then he’d be weak!
Naradji says taht he understands his word and thus he will help Indr.

Shiv Parvati are playing ludo… Parvati devi says that she likes Kailash even more after the building f the palace.
And then she mindlessly puts a wrong coin at the wrong place.


As weeps as t why only the girls are made to leave their parent.
Shiva tells AS , that now she has to make Nahush’s family as her’s..and adapt joy, self control ..she would stay happy forever.

Voice over: Mahadev explained AS the importance of married life.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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