Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th October 2013 Written Update

Mhalsa reaches near the cave. Sees Aghoris hiding behind stones, asks them to come out says get ready to face your death. She hits them with her Khadag. While doing so, she steps in the yantra created by Malla. Suddenly finds Banai near her. Banai wants to help her but Mhalsa says this is her own fight. She hits one more Aghori. Feels a hold on her wrist. Banai was holdind it. Suddenly Banai starts mata mata mata mata I caught mata. Mhalsa is surprised. Banai turns into Mani, says I’ve caught the Human form of mata. Inside the cave Malla through his powers activates the yantra, it turns into walls of stones. Mani tells trapped Mhalsa, you will never be able to go out mata. Mhalsa attacks him Mani too fights, grabs her neck. She trys to push him back but

gets hit to a wall. Mani tells her, she will be in pain only for a min, after that there will be Divine light everywhere. He trys to hit her again, she screams Martand & the walls break. Martand’s one punch breaks the walls. He gently pushes Mhalsa back, hits Mani who remembers him as Aghora, recollects how Aghora has beaten him In past. One Aghori attacks Mhalsa. Martand holds her (in Jata’s style) hits that Aghori back. She keeps on looking at him.
Near the river Mhalsa tells Martand, she has decided now. Martand asks her about what. About marrying you, I am ready to marry you. But I am not, says Martan. Till you finish your duty of killing Malla & Mani, which is more important this marriage can wait. Mhalsa agrees.
Mai is worried about Mhalsa. Banai assures her Mhalsa will be safe. Mai asks Yallakoti to throw shells & find out what has happened to Mhalsa, who says there is no need when Mhadev.. Banai interrupts saying when Mai has prayed to Mahadev, he will protect Mhalsa too.
Mhalsa & Martand comes there, Mai is happy seing her safe. She tells her how Martand saved her. Mai recollects Martand asking to marry Mhalsa. From Yallakoti’s hand 2 shells falls down. He says there will be a war now.
Inside the cave Mani is disheartened says now Mata will not come to me? Malla says if people know about this incident, they will not fear them any more, their ambition of making this Earth as a Maha-smashan will be unfulfilled. One Aghori says the people can not fight with them, as they fear them. Malla says, if they unite then anything can happen. We have never allowed them to unite, that’s why we have been able to rule them. Go & tell them what will happen if they don’t give Mhalsa to us.
That aghori along with some more, threatens villagers if Mhalsa is not given to them, they will be killed, destroyed.
Once they leave, Banai, Mhalsa, Martand, Mangal comes to the villager. Some refuse to give Mhalsa to M-M. One man says , he loves his life, so will run away tonight. Finally they ask Martand to guide them. He asks them about their leader. He was killed many years back & we don’t know where his son is now, answers a villager. Martand suggests they need to unite first. For that there is one important thing… Yallkoti comes foreword, says Music.

Precap: Matand is addressing the villagers.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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