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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with kronch says to kartikaye, i am alerting you that go away from here otherwise if anything happen, you will responsible for all. Kartikaye says, i am also alerting you othewise for rest of result, you will be responsible for it. Kartikaye battles with kronch.
mata laxmi says, everybody will effected by kronch’s deed. Narayan says, especially mahadev and parvati will effected most. Kronch says, dont you feel your responsibility to give side to truth. Mata saraswati says, it is not possible for kartikaye to kill kroch by power. Bhram dev says, kartikaye doesnt know the curse of kronch. He will effect kartikaye by emotionally. Kronch says, remember, all the things that you had faced. I am getting my rights back and it is for all the children. Himawan feels guilty

and says, i have give manner same to him as we had given to parvati and ganga. Menawati says, we have done our best and none of the parents wants to do wrong to their children. We know that we all want kronch wellness. Himawan says, we accept everything. If children will accept parents feelings then they will think parents feelings. Kronch blackmails kartikaye emotionally. Kartikaye thinks about mahadev and mata’s conversation. Then he again doe war with kronch. RIshi augustya worships mahadev and thinks about mahadev’s knowledge and recalls his curse. Rishi augustya feels guilty about his curse and says, i have to stop it.
Rishi augustya meet with narayan and says, if we will kill kronch then it will effect whole world. I dont want to give pain to mahadev and mata parvati. Please stop the whole incident. Narayan says, everything is happening now is due to kronch deed and if i will stop it then kronch and banasur will do wrong more. By killing kronch, new incident starts and after banasur will gets killed. We think that it is end, actually it is a new start. Kartikaye again alerting kronch that please feel your mistake otherwise you will not get any further chance.
Kronch converts himself into huge tornado. Kronch says, i know you are good warrior but you cannot defeat me. Go away from here, i am giving you one more chance. Kartikaye says to mahadev and mata parvati, please give me power, so that i can fulfil the task. Kartikaye calls augustya curse power and says, i want to kill kronch and release world from his wrong deed. Kronch also remembers the whole incident. Kartikaye kills kronch. Everybody gets tensed.
Banasur hears the kronch death news. Banasur says, thats what i want, now go and ready my force. I will attack on himawan. Menawati says, i am not feeling well. I think something happens very bad. Kartikaye reaches at himawan fort and says, please forgive me. Menawati says, what happened putra? Senapati comes and tells that kronch is dead in this war.
Menawati says, call the doctor soon. kartikaye says, i have given option in front of them but she didnt leave any option for me. Mata parvati says, dont feel guilty about your deed. He is responsible for everything. Menawati says, do you know it. Mata parvati says, yes maa. Menawati says, dont you think that it will make us very sad. Mata parvati says, whole incident starts with rishi augustya curse. Menawati says, if it is necessary then why you have participate shivansh in it

Precap:- Mahadev says to mata parvati, you have to take new birth for me. Mahadev and parvati differs from each other.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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