Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th May 2013 Written Update

Vrinda makes preparation for the puja. A broken Jal reaches her.. he wishes to talk to her something very important, but she is upset with him for obvious reasons!

She doesn’t even looks at him and busies herself in er work… He tells if she is upset with him cause he kidnapped a woman. She replies, certainly that is the reason and whats more Adi Shakti doesn’t have her memories yet.
He says that she does know what was the reason for his act.
She answers that she knows only 3 things for certain.
One is that he is her swami
Second is that she has sworn before her deity that he (J) s her everything.
And the third that she’d never leave him and follow her pativratha dharma.

J clears the air that he has no interest in

Parvati, she is just an instrument for him to get to whatever he wished for- for his security and to success in the war.

V rants that it is a disgrace on the part of a great warrior like him; also that she doesn’t give her consent for his acts neither does she has any control over them.
J says that Achary has left him alone.. Whats she gonna get of the puja if her husband dies.

J holds V by her arms and tells that he doesn’t want to win the war to take Mahadev’s place, but to lead a happy married life with her.. all of this is for them both . J says gettin emotional that he knows just one thing- that he needs her.

They embrace with V uttering that she can’t live apart anymore. J gets nostalgic about how he defeated Indr and married her, and all of a sudden this. J never wanted all this to happen… the time when he kidnapped Parvati the whole world is against him, and the time he frees her he’ll have a guaranty to his death.
J says all he is sacred of going away from her but not death!Yeh kab hua.. Kiase hua He just wants to be alive with innumerable moments spent with her, he asks her what could he do now.. V rubs his tears and assures that though she cannot turn back what he has done but she can transform it by the puja she has to do and if he sits with her in the puja he’d be immortal.

As J walks ahead with her, he gets flashes of Mahadev getting out of Samadhi.
V thinks that just to escape the puja he is talking all that, but J explains that ever since he got out of the jal samadhi he did he is connect with Mahadev, he can sense every moment of Mahadev that means Parvati too will be coming out of her samadhi.
As J begins to leave V asks him not to leave and complete the puja for his safety sake.. J says though he doesn’t believe in the puja but he does believe her and her love… (love did I hear right?)
J leaves with a promise of coming back soon.

Our live audience Vishnu dev and Lakshmi mata along with Naradji witness J-V love story.. Naradji tells Vishnu ji to do something… Narayan looks at Lakshmi devi and he has her consent unwanted-ly to act against J who happens to be Lakshmi devi’s brother, she s utterly displeased with J’s acts of destroying the world and kidnapping Parvati devi. (I love the way Saurab uses his expressions all the time.. kudos for his talent)


Back here the love birds have still their hands in each others… J promises that he’ll be back soon .. and with a vision of a new world together.. he embraces her and says that he’ll never let her upset and he gives a peg on her forehead and moves forth giving her a final look.

Back here Mahadev opens his eyes… and as he does that he tries to know what must have happened to Parvati that he has been called him out of the samadhi.

And when Mahadev closes his eyes he gets the flashes of what all happened behind his back he gets to know that Parvati devi is been abducted.

J marches towards his inception flick -inspired- imaginary land where he
hid Parvati with the whole cave.

The moment he gets to know abt his Parvati he cries out loud and fire encompasses the green of that place…
Devi Parvati wakes up with a jerk out of her samadhi… the places starts to get burn up.. Ganesh gets a little scared seeing his father’s angry avtar. Himvan and Menavati observe Ganesh.

Saraswati devi asks Brhm dev to act to calm down Mahadev’s anger.. Brhm devi has the same old dialogue that Mahadev can only be calmed down by devi Parvati. (Had she been there, nothing of this would have happened!)
Lakshmi devi says that Mahadev n Parvati devi where connected by this samadhi and by now devi Parvati also would have come out of it without its completion.

At the cave Devi Parvati too gets up disturbed… as she tries to move forth she realizes that she is no more in the cave she closed her eyes for samadhi… Then she sees J welcoming Adi shakti to his imaginary world on asked abt it by Parvati devi, he says that her memory still has not retrieved back.

Parvati devi asks who he was?
J replies that he is the one who doesn’t want her to be the reason for his death… Parvati devi is clueless abt what he said.

J says that he had great expectations of his meet would be with a great power… but now he understands Mahadev’s plight when she is away from him!
Parvati devi asks who is he referring to?
J says abt her swami… err abt her lucky swami!

Parvai devi feels offensive and closes her eyes.. she gets flashes of the time spent with Mahadev, only Mahadev’s face is blurred with light(felt like HP-3 idea). Then she gets the flashes where she feels her swami is supper angry with fire all around.
She then says that she has a feeling that her husband is searching for her and that he is angry too…which is a bad news for him.

J says that its her responsibility not to turn this into enmity. Parvati devi replies, abduction of someone against their will and making them a hostage inside a cave- he has started the enmity.

“A lady without any weapon or powers is kept as a hostage in a cave- ah what a strong competitor did I find for myself ” mocks J.

Parvati devi counters by saying that “the one who took a lady as a hostage in a cave by unjust means, and think her to be helpless and powerless- hmm.. what a strong competitor did I find.”
This pisses J off!

J says that he is doing a favor on her by keeping her in the cave away from the world. .. she wouldn’t know when her husband will be taken off by him and she wouldn’t feel the pain too as she will be safe in his imaginary world.

Parvati devi tells him that the base of this imaginary world is his fear – the truth is that he just want himself to be safe and not her!
Death will find him in any world. and probably bringing her there he has brought death near to himself.

Kartikeya attacks Yamraj… and fights him bravely.. he would defeat anyone whom comes his way of reaching his mother.
V when puts vermilion to J, she feels that its someone else.. the real J searches for his wife.

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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