Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th March 2014 Written Update

The giant guy gets up and attacks Shambhu with a spade..Shambhu stops him…he fights the guy..and does dhobhi pachad…then Shambhu picks up teh spade and attacks him..but he puts the spade near him instead of killing the guy.
Then the enemy king sends two more of his fighters to have a combat with SHambhu.
Shambhu fights them too…with swords and all/.

Then the enemy king himself comes to fight Shambhu, but the king whom Shambh supports stops him as its king to king fight. Shambhu says surely!

Then the king as per conduct of warfare, he asks the enemy king to surrender as his fighters were defeated by his fighter.

The enemy king says that he asked the king to fight the giant and not SHambhu, non the less the war is still on..they

both have to conclude it.
Both the kings fight…as equals..this poor guy falls down, then SHambhu motivates him to figt the enemy.
Then the kking fights the enemy with all his might..seeing his powers, the enemy asks his army to attack.

Seeing the huge army the king’s soldiers feel kind of intimidated..but SHambhu encourages them to fight..’the one who escapes from a challenge is dead even if he is alive, but the one show fights fearlessly with the challenges wid become immortal even in his death.’

The army fights the enemy one…both the kings fight with all their might and at the end the enemy king gets defeated.
He surrenders to the king and apologizes…the good king says that its not he, but his pride that has gotten defeated – which mistook the opponent as weak just cause of an ailment he endures. The weak stays weak till the time he discovers his strengths..and this day he has realized his power with the help of someone.

The good king forgives the enemy king…
The army of the winning kingdom rejoice with this…and the air echos with praises of ‘Har har Mahadev’
The king thanks Shambhu, and says that now he is ready to die for he has Shambhu at his rescue…
Shambhu says he is not going to die…the king says only death can end his suffering from leprosy..and its foolishness for him to think he can get healthy.
Then Shambhu magically heals the king and his subject of the illness.
Seeing this the king asks Shambhu- the divine one to come to his real form…the wind blows their vision burs…then they see Mahadev in his bhavy avtar.

They all revere him…are grateful and feel fortunate to have given them his darshan..and helped them all these days.

Mahadev tells, its mental illness of one to ill treat the leprosy patients…these patients need to be dealt with love, compassion, patience. Those who ill treat such hurt souls are the biggest sinners ever…the real enemy is the illness not the ill.

There is NO disease that a society can’t heal..the society that is ever indifferent towards its older and newer generations it can’t be abundant.
Its inhuman to leave someone in danger.

Mahadev tells the pandits being the enlightened they should teach the people good and not hurt the diseased…they have no right to hurt or humiliate the sick..its their duty to impart goodness and positivity of thoughts to the society and teach it the same.

The pandits realize their mistake…and apologize to SHiva..they ask for a way to repent..
(BG reminds me of EBI MJ BG)
Mahadev tells them to provide theo ones diseased to take them back to the society..and help the sick.

The queen is grateful for SHiva’s kindness in turn of her devotion.


Precap: Indrani prays to Mahadev to stop Nahush .
Nahush in frastu kicks Rishi Agasty for walking slow bearing his palanquin
The rishi curses Nahush to turn into a serpent.
All are at Kailash, AS tells that she has not come there to blame anyone as she knows its her husband’s mistake.
Shiva gists out the happening to be Nahush’s arrogance as he as dishonored another woman’s maan, humiliates his guru and wife .

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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