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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev opens his eyes. He tells Andhak to follow his own way of worship, not to copy anyone elses’s way. Ravan was a big devotee but his ego destroyed his good  pts.

Natyacharya is doing his penanace, which is about to end soon.

At Ksheersagar, Vishnuji tells Lakshmiji, it’s time to inform sister Parvati about whay may happen in future. He goes to Kailash.
Paravti is pleased seeing him. He tells her about what may happen if Natyacharya is taught Tandav by Mahadev. Result can be Pralaya.

Parvati meets Mahadev, expresses her concern about what may happen if Tandav is not done as per his wish. Their devotee gets boon from them based on their penance, but they should think of the consequences too while giving boon. Mahadev tells her everything happen

for a reason. Once penance gets over, it’s devotee’s right to ask for a boon. But she is free to act as per her wish if situation goes out of control. She can even go against him. He leaves.

Parvati is worried. Ganesh asks her the reason. She tell Ganesh & Kartikeya about Natyacharya’s penanace. If Mahadev does tandav
nritya against his wish, the energy created by his tandav can create pralaya. Andhak hears this, says they should not interfear as Mahadev knows best. Kartikeya gets angry at Andhak. Paravti calms him down. She explains to Andhak, if Tandav is not done as per his wish, it can destroy the World. He asks what can be the solution of this problem? Parvati says even she doesn’t know about
the solution.

Mahaved appears infront of Natyacharya, who is happy seeing his aaradhya. He asks Mahdev to teach him Tandav nritya, so he can teach that to the World. Mahadev says, Tandav can not be just done, it has to come from within. He takes Natyacharya to Smashan to teach tandav.

First he tells him to offer his respect to Earth, because while dancing, from a dancer’s step Earth is hit again & again. Natyacharya does the same. While Mahadev plays his Damaru. Srishti, sthiti, pralaya, tirodhan & anugraha are 5 steps of Tandav. Among 5 Mahabhootas, Earth nourishes, fire burns the body to ash in the end. Nataycharya asks, why they are at smashan? Mahadev says in the end everything will turn into Ash. What shoule one feel while performing Tandav, is the next question. Everything in
this World is dance, movements in the body, heart beats all are result of dance. When felt within the body, dance is expressed out as various movements. Then Prakriti too reciprocates.

Devas with Brihaspati are watching this from Swarag. Vishnuji, Lakshmiji & Brhmaji too are watching this from Ksheersaagar. Indra gets worried hearing this convo, faring the pralaya, says he had never imagined events will take such a turn.

Precap:  Tandav of Mahadev creates tremendous energy resulting in fire all around, other
destruction too begins. Lakshmiji asks Vishnuji to do something. He says Parvati can stop this. Paravti starts dancing where Mahadev is doing Tandav. He is surprised seeing her. It’s Rudra Tandav of Mahadev V/s Lasya of Paravti.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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