Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th July 2013 Written Update

Kirat tells Tarka is it right to think anyone who has come to this Van is to destroy the Van? All should get chance to prove themselves. Tarka laughs at Kirat, tells him today because of you I am giving them chance to prove they are of some use, if not I’ll kill all of them myself.
Lakshman asks Ram why are they sent to Gurukul? Till now father has never let us go out of this Bhavan. Ram answers father must have thought of something for us.

Shivji tells Parvati, Narayan isn’t aware of his true form but surely knows about his duties. Parvati tells him Ram may need some guidance to answer Lakshman’s question.
Shivji appears in front of Ram, who was reading something. Tells him you still have some doubt in your mind to answer Lakshman’s question.

Ram denies saying not doubt but he has some questions. Father has provided all the facilities in this Bhavan so why there is a need of going out of this Bhavan. Shivji says bring your questions near you. Ram brings those pgs near him. He is asked to bring them more near. He does so. You can know answers only by going away from those questions. Ram understands. Shivji disappears.

Ram & Lakshman take everyone’s leave to go to Gurukul. Rishi Vashistha tells them though he is their Kulguru but in this journey rishi Vishwamitra is their Guru, follow all his orders as Guru agya.
Shivji tells Parvati in this avatar of Narayan a new chapter is starting which will take them more near his goal, will end in Ravan’s end. Rishi Vishwamitra’s teachings will convert him from Purush to Purushottam.
On their way Lakshman wants to ask something but Vishwamitra says after reaching the river Sarayu.

Shivji says Guru’s teachings can be direct as well as indirect. Their thirst & hunger will be treated by Vishwamitra’s teaching. After reaching Sarayu’s bank, he asks them to meditate. Lakshman wants to ask something. Ram stops him, says they’ll follow all his orders. Vishwamitra says you must be hungry & thirsty but you’ll have to get over that & all your limitations. You are going to become great warriors. I’ll help you a bit in that. In both his hands he calls for Shakti, which appears as small balls of fire. He transfers them in Ram & Lakshman. Ram says they are neither hungry nor thirsty now. Vishwamitra says you have conquered Bal & Ati bal. He Asks them to free their mind of all the wishes, not to be selfish, which they have to do themselves. Ram asks, our wishes are based on our needs. Vishwamitra says what if someone is selfless beyond needs. Does everything for betterment of others? Ram asks is it possible for someone to be like this? Vishwamitra says to understand this, you’ll have to learn Vairagya. He tells them the story of Samudra manthan. Where Mahadev became Neelkanth by drinking Kalkuta Vish. There was no need for him to do so but he did it for betterment of others. Ram & Lakshman are introduced to Mahadev through this story. Ram says it is unimaginable to think of such a great deed. Rishi Vishwamitra says to understand that they’ll have to understand Vairagya. Ram says for that they’ll have to follow Mahadev. Vishwamitra nods.

Ram sees Full Moon,gets up. Mahadev is seen in the Moon. He offers his pranam. Rishi Vishwamitra & Lakshman too gets up.

Precap: Rishi Vishwamitra is in Parvati Van with Ram, Lakshman. Ram asks what is this place? Vishwamitra asks him to close his eyes & look within. Ram closes his eyes, says this si Paravti Van. HE sees Mahadev, Parvati watering that plant, which is a tree now. He does pradakshina of that tree.
Parvati says Ram’s connection with Aadi Shakti has begun now. Mahadev says it had already started when he was born..

Update Credit to: mnx12

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