Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th January 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Ganesha finding Parvatis broken comb and begins to worry how his mother will comb her hair.

Parvati is keeping an eye on everyone at Kailash as they eat.Once everyone finishes Parvati leaves. Kartikeya,Ashoksundari realize that Parvati isn’t happy,and little Ganesha innocently shows them her comb and says she is upset because her comb got broken. Kartikeya says he will make another one for her.

Meanwhile Mahadev starts his Gyaan Sabha.Rishi Dadhichi asks him why isn’t there happiness in this world. Mahadev says that true happiness is “Paramanand”-eternal happiness that every human searches for.But they hold on to material things,”Maya”(Maya has multiple meanings,but i presume here it means illusion),and attach themselves to material things that are meant to be destroyed.Any attachment to these types of things only leads to selfishness,greed and arrogance.

Meanwhile Swarga gets a mini earthquake,and everyone is alarmed.Indra thinks someone is attacking them to which Brihaspati says no one has attacked them-this is the power of his Tapasya-Dashanands Tapasya.Indradev and Co-rush to see him.

Parvati is doing pooja of a shivling and recalls how Mahadev walked away.

At the Gyaan Sabha Brigu asks isn’t getting attached human nature?.Mahadev says yes,but isnt it the main cause of pain as well-it takes away our peace,makes us restless and hence leaves us unhappy.

Parvati asks Mahadev-that you ask others to remain unattached but what about those who are enamored by you,who are attached to you?How will they keep themselves away from you.She says i can accept you not paying attention to me,but i cannot not be attached to you. Parvati says can never Detach herself from Mahadev.

Indradev and Co are stunned to see Dashanand doing Tapasya.Indradev is stunned to see him with 10 heads-that implies that his Tapasya is not of one but 10 people.Indradev(as usual) begins to feel threatened and asks Brihaspati to do something. Brihaspati says they cant do anything.Indradev and Pawandev try thier best to disrupt Dashanands Tapsaya,but both of them fail.Brihaspati tells them the only way to stop Dashanand is to ask Bramhadev to intervene. Indradev and Co leave.

Indradev and Co approach Bramhadev.Indradev tells Bramhadev not stop Dashanands Tapasya and not give him any Vardaan that will backfire on the Devtas.Bramhadev gives Indradev a firing and asks him if this was a request or an order,and tells him his behavior doesnt suit a Devraj.Indradev blames the Tridev for all the Devtas problems. Bramhadev says that you do not need to remind the Tridev of what their duties are.

At the gyaansabha,Kashyap asks Mahadev how can one free themselfs from attachment?.Mahadev says that to be detached from everything,one needs to stop making differences between ones own and others.And this can only happen when we try to find happiness within ourselfs rather than outside.That is when we can free ourselfs from attachment.

Parvati says that asking someone to walk a path and actually doing it are two different things.How can someone stay away from Maya,when the entire world is his Maya itself.Like how for a Yogi its in a Yogini,for a Sanyaasi in a Sanyaasin and for a devotee his Maya is his God,no one is spared from Maya including Gods.

For Narayan it is Lakshmi,for Bramhadev it is Saraswati,and for me(Parvati) my Maya is you.

Being detached doesn’t mean that one doesn’t need basic needs.For a woman,a wife and a mother,the basic needs aren’t much,once these small needs are met,nothing else is needed.

She wont leave this Maya,if anyone has to leave something Mahadev will have to leave his Vairagi(hermit) ways.

Mahadev tells Parvati(telepathically) that you shouldnt be getting sad over someones love,specially when that person’s love is only you(hayeee).

Ganesha sees Parvati crying and thinks that if Parvati continues crying even he will start crying,and hence decides to do something.

Ganesha asks Kartikeya to make a new comb.Both of them approach Vishwakarma,who says that he doesnt have the capacity to make a comb for Adi Shakti.They finally approach Mahadev.

Update Credit to: shruti

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