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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Andhak asking Mahadev for permission to stay with them, but Kartikeya is not ok with this as he thinks Andhak has some evil intentions. Andhak then asks Parvati and says to her that he’s also their son, doesn’t he have a chance to stay with his parents, to obtain their love and support.

Hearing this, Parvati becomes happy and gives Andhak opportunity to stay at Kailash and asks Gana – Prets to make arrangements for Andhak to stay here. Mahadev has some other thoughts going on after hearing Parvati’s decision. Parvati says that Andhak change in the behaviour is the birth of new Shivansh, but Mahadev says in mind that a new Shivansh will take birth, but not in Andhak’s new behaviour.

There Mahadev’s devotee Natyachat (Natyacharya)

is offering his prayers to Shivalinga. Indra comes there and asks help from Natyachat. He says to Natyachat that you are the big devotee of Mahadev, but Mahadev did not gave you darshan, to this Natyachat says that Mahadev reside in hearts of true devotees. Indra says that Mahadev’s knowledge has given numerous benefits to the world, but Mahadev did not share the knowledge of Tandav dance to the world, if he does it will be a big boon to the world. He says that he must obtain the knowledge of Tandav by doing penance (tapasya), so that Mahadev will give the knowledge to the world. Natyacharya agrees.

At Kailash, near Mansarovar Lake, Parvati sees Mahadev again lost in thoughts while playing Chausar. Parvati asks Mahadev to once again concentrate on playing. Parvati wins the game. There Kartikeya and Ganesha sees Andhak making a Shivalinga of Mahadev with the help of Ganas. Kartikeya becomes angry and says that with whose permission you are taking help of Ganas, Andhak when he asked Nandi that he wanted help of Ganas to make a linga, Nandi says yes. Kartikeya says to him that should not meddle wih the ongoing things at Kailash. Suddenly there Parvati comes; she asks Andhak whether he’s happy in Kailash. Andhak says he can’t be happier than this. Parvati asks Ganesha and Kartikeya to come with here.

At Swarglok, Indra explains to Brihaspati that his intentions are good and that he’s just not allowing another big problem to arise. Brhaspati says right now his concern is a Shivansh who is staying at Kailash. Indra remembers Andhak.

There at Kailash, Andhak sees Mahadev doing meditation and sits in front of them. Ganesha and Kartikeya too come there. Andhak starts recitingn Shiva Tandav Strotram. After some time Mahadev opens eyes and there is a big smile on there face.

Precap: – Natyacharya is doing penance; Parvati says to Mahadev that if he gives his tandav knowledge to him a big problem will come; Mahadev says to her no matter how big is the problem you must do your duty even if it means standing against me..

Update Credit to: Kalyani Shiva

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