Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 23rd January 2013 Written Update

At Kailash everyone is happy, are doing Shivji & Parvati’s jay jaykaar. Shivji spots 4 aasans. Paravti says she told Nandi to make them for u,s so all of us can sit together. Nanadi requests Shivji to sit with his entire family, all 5 of them together, so they can worship all 5 together. Shivji & Parvati sits in centre, with Ganesh in between them & Kartikeya, Ashok Sundari on their either side. Nanadi does their aarati with their Jay jaykaar.
At Patal loka an Asura asks Sumali, who was guru Shukracharya indicating to? Sumali says muni Vishrava & my daughter’s son, my grandson, has got vidya from his father, cunningness from me, has done so much penance, is learned so much that one head was not sufficient to hold his knowledge, so he got 9 other heads. Right now he is doing Brhmaji’s penance with his brothers Kumbhkarna & Vibhishana, to be immortal. But now it is time for him to get active.
At kailash Paravti tells Kartikeya to take an important role in all the family matters as he is eldest, have to take responsibality of their sister Ashok Sundari’s marriage. Shivji puts his hand on Ganesh’s head. Parvati is wondering why hasn’t he looked at her as yet? Hasn’t he noticed I have not done my Shringar? Ganesh asks her mother, why hasn’t she done her Shringar as yet? Parvati asks him am I not looking good without Shringar? Ganesh says yes but you look better with Shringar & you have to look better then father. Shivji reminds Paravti to give food to Kartikeya & Ganesh as they must be hungry. Ganesh says he is hungry. All 3 bro- sis leave. Shivji- Parvati are looking at each other. Ganesh calls her, wants to eat from her hands. Shivji signals her to go.
In forest, Sumali sees Shurpanakha, says he wants to meet Dashanana. Shurpanakha says he is in penanace. Sumali sees all his 3 grandsons doing Brhmaji’s penanace, standing on one leg. Dashanana is with 10 heads. Shurpanakha praises his tough penanace. She says he is doing this to make her dead husband alive. Sumali says he is doing this penanace for all the Asuras.
Paravti comes back to Shivji, says today Devi Lakshmi had come, she suggested, you should do my Shringar. Don’t you wish to do so? Shivji comes near her. Paravti gives him a comb. He combs her hairs. Flowers are poured on them. It was her dream, she is shocked seeing Shivji is still on his aasan. He asks her, what was she thinking? He is going for Gyan sabha, will be back soon. He leaves & Parvati is sad, her comb falls from her hand. Shivji stops. Here Paravti thinks, this Keshmarjani (comb) will be used only when he himself will make her hairs. Nandi informs Shivji all are waiting for him at Gyan sabha, can inform them if he is going to be late. Shivji says he is going there.

Paravti’s comb is broken, Ganesh notices it.

Precap: Ganesh shows the broken comb to Kartikeya & Ashok Sundari, says how will mother do her hairs without this comb?
At the Gyan Sabha, Shivji says this Sansar is Maya. Those who fall for it gets binded in various bondages.
Here Paravti is thinking but those who have fallen for your Maya, what about them? Shivji seems to have noticed her thoughts.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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