Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Mai is inside the house, trapped in fire. Mhalsa realises that, wants to go inside to save her. Banai stops her. Mangal tells her not to stop Mhalsa, when her father was killed, she was ababy who couldn’t do anything but today she is capable of saving her mother. Inside the house Mai faints, Mhalsa wants to go near her but falling pcs of burning wood stops her. Suddenly she finds Martand is holding the wood above Mai, not letting her get harmed.
Banai asks about Martand. Mangal says may be he’s gone but is surprised seeing Martand is coming out of the house carryiMai ng Mai on his shoulder & helping Mhalsa to come out, who is almost fainted. Water is thrown on Mhalsa’s face, she is conscious now, sees Martand attending to Mai. She goes to her.

Mai regains her consciousness, sees Mhalas & Martand on her either side. A lady tells Mai, you’ve worshipped Mahadev for your entire life, this Martand has come as Mahadev’s boon, don’t let him go anywhere.
Later, Martand asks Mai to take care of herself. Mai doesn’t have words to thank him. Yallakoti telss her to speak the same words told by that lady. Banai says Martand is the 1st man who is able to control as well as take care of Mhalsa. Mai says if it was possible she would marry Mhalsa with him. Mhalsa & Mangal are doesn’t approve & Banai is excited about this match. Yallakoti suggests let his shells predict the future. If after throwing them they are found together then this marriage can happen. He throws the shells. $ are found in a group. He saysno one can stop this marriage. Mhalsa leaves from there. Martand tells Mai, he’ll get her back.
Mhalsa is standing near a river. Martand comes there. She tells him, she has never thought of her marriage. The only aim of her life is revenge of her father. That’s her duty too. Martand says it may happen soon, after that she can think of marrying him. Mhalsa asks her, how can he be so sure. Does he trusts himself more or her? He says he believes in some one who has waited for years, done penanace for many years to get her love. Mhalsa asks, did she find her love? He says it is an eaternal truth about her uniting with her love. Mhalsa looks confused.
Later Mhalsa is making her house. Martand offers to help. She refuses. While tying two Bamboos, one other bamboo from top falls on her. Martand stops it from falling that Bamboo on her. Banai asks her to accept his help. Mhalsa does so. Banai asks her to ask for forgiveness about her rude behaviour. She leaves them alone. Mhalsa reluctantly asks for forgiveness but it’s difficult as she is doing it for the first time.
In M-M front Mani asks why he isn’t getting feeling of Ma taking her form back? Mani says this means that Girl is still alive. Malla orders other Aghories to get Yallakoti, only he can predict about that Girl.
Aghories come to Yallakoti, asks him to come with them. He refuses saying he wants to rest now, they can come tomorrow. They try carry him forcibaly. He wants his shells to predict future, without them he can’t help M-M.

Precap: M-M finds Aghora in their cave.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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