Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd July 2013 Written Update

There is another bandhak at Lanka- its Shanidev himself walking in chains with Raavan leading the pack of rakshasas.
Seeing this Mandodari is shocked that her husband has taken Shanidev into hostage.. and little Meghnath is scared of all this..Raavan replies that Shanidev too is a planet and seeing the amount of havoc this creates, he should be taken to prison.

Mandodari fears Shanidev’s kudishti..Raavan tells her not to be afraid as Shandev cannot do a thing in his prison.

Raavan then throws Shanidev into his customized password protected prison where the other devtas who rule their respective planets are taken as prisoners and are put in a maze like thing at favorable positions for Raavana.

Raavana calls Lankini and asks her to stay

away from intruders, let the strangers in who come for the protection of devtas who are hijacked..(there was no scrolling this time while our dragon- snake scene.)
Ravan then sends off Meghnath and Mandodari in and tells Sumali that he is waiting for special guests who might want to save the planets!

Then Dev guru Brishapati arrive wearing his armor…before he could aim his arrow towards Ravan, the latter darts the arrow at the guru and Brihspati loses his weapon.. then asur guru Shukracharya enters and warns him not to act crazy.. At the same time Raavan takes out his Chandrhastra which Mahadev has given him, and apparently they cannot dishonour it..and it doesn’t mean that the war has tailed..saying so Brihaspati n Shukrachary join hands by forming themselves into fire balls and destroy the whole hall where all the planets where held.
(Got to say cool gurus!)

All the devtas disappear as soon as they are freed except Shanidev, Raavan tries to stop them by ordering Lankini to see the gates..but in vain.

Raavan sees Shani dev in astonishment n shock.. on asked Shanidev tells that even though he has brought him to Lanka, he’d go only when he wants after he makes sure Raavan is destroyed.

All the devtas n gurus go to Mahadev and put there word for help to stop Raavan forth.
Mahadev tells them its for that Narayan has taken the avatar of Raam on the earth.

They say that he needs to be made know of his powers…Parvati devi says that Rishi Vashisht has given that responsibility and they shouldn’t meddle.. rishi Vashisht asks them to intervene as Dashrath is acting a possessive daddy..for which he has to be going to gurukul.
on asked Mahadev tells that there is only one who is a kshatriya by birth but is filled with treats of a brhman, the one who is skilled in all warfares, the one who is bestowed by Gayitri mantra – Vishvamitr.
After all the devtas go, Mahadev asks Pavati devi fi she ahs another nominee for the task, Parvati devi obviously takes Shiva’s name.. Shiva tells that Narayan n his relation is much above than guru-shishya’s

Parvati devi asks, atleast he’d guide her brother.. Mahadev tells certainly each time Narayan takes a human form.

At Ayodhya, Dashrath searches for Raam, Kaushalya tells him that Raam is fine n still a child.. he needs to take it easy.. but the dotting father never budges.

On the other hand, a young Raam is practicing archery.. but each time h misses the aim.

Mahadev comes and gets the aim right and he then guides the grown up Raam the skill of archery…

Precap:Vishvamitr asks Dashrath Raam n Lakshman to protect the yagya they do on the say of Mahadev!


Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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