Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Kartikeya makes one more Shivling, is doing it’s puja, prays, father, I’ve realized my sin, accept my worship & allow me to be free from this guilt. That old man comes asking is your puja over? Without daan how can puja be complete? Kartikeya asks him he being an old Brahmin can ask for daan. He asks to give the punya of Kartikeya’s puja.
Ganesh asks him even he was given one Shivling by Bhaiyya. Old man says on his way back a merchant asked for it & I gave it to him. Ganesh says but it was given to you for your puja. The old man says God is nobody’s personal property, anyone can have it. When I asked the Shivling from you, you gave it to me. Simillarly that merchant asked it from me so I gave it to him. Now if you’ll give your Punya to me my purpose will be served.
Kartikeya agrees to give his punya to that old man, who disappears & Shivji appears. Ganesh & Kartikeya are surprised seeing him. He says I am here not as your father but as a God, for my worship nothing is needed except devotion & love. You have passed my test. 2 Shivlings appear now, Ganesh is holding the 3rd one in his hands. Shivji says you’ve not able to do sthapana of any one but according to me you’ve already done it. These 3 Shivlings made by you will be known as,
1) Pratigyeshwar, 2) Kapileshwar, 3) Kumareshwa,r from one of your name Kumar. Those who’ll worship these Shivlings with devotion like you, all their sins will be forgiven. All Shivlings start glowing now. Ganesh says those who’ll worship these Shivlings will get my blessings, will not face problems in their life. Shivji seems pleased with Ganesh’s words. Kartikeya asks Shivji’s permission to return to Kailash.
At Kailash Parvati is looking at Shivji’s aasan, is sad her hairs are untied. Lakshmiji comes there tells her Shivji is returning to Kailash with Kartikeya & Ganesh, he is changing because of your love. Parvati is happy. Lakshmiji notices Paravti has not done her Shringar, asks Parvati, is she waiting for Shivji to do her Shringar? Paravti feels shy. Lakshmiji tells her there is nothing to feel shy about, even Vishnuji does my Shringar. Paravti calls Ashok Sundari, gives her the good news of them returning back, asks her to make food for them, as they must be hungry.
In Patal loka an Asura tells Sumali his efforts of creating obstacles has failed due to Ganesh being made Pratham pujya now. Do we Asuras have any future? Sumali says as per guru Shukracharaya, Hiranyakashyap will be born again to a Rakshas mother & Brahmin father. In his rule Rakshasas will gain power again.
Shivji has returned to Kailash holding Ganesh’s hand & Kartikeya on his other side. Kartikeya goes running to meet Parvati, She welcomes him doing his & Ganesh’s aarati. Kartikeya asks her to forgive him for the pain Paravti has to undergo because of him, says without her permission, he’ll not leave Kailash.
Shivji says both your sons are with you now, is he allowed now to enter Kailash? Paravti says in your absence Kailsh is not like it used to be before, this entire Sansar iis yours, there is no need of asking permission, asks him to forgive her, with folded hands. Shivji looks at her lovingly.

Precap: Paravti tells Shivji, Devi Lakshmi had come, asked me to get my Shringar done from you. Shivji asys he has to leave for Kalyan-sabha. He leaves. Paravti is looking at him going says, don’t you feel like doing my Shringar? A voiceover says will Shivji understand importance of Paravti’s Shringar?
Dashanan, Ravan, trouble for Devas, is shown practicing Sword fight.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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