Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Ganesh asks Shivji to eat Modak too. He asks how is it made? Shivji says what ever is made from your hand will be good, it tastes as if it is made by Parvati. Ashok Sundari says they have the same taste. Ganesh replys, I am her ansh, have seen her doing cooking. I have realized today eating is very easy but cooking is difficult. Shivji says after understanding Annapurna’s importance, everyone in this Sansar should respect her.
The Bhavan is ready, Nandi & Ganas are excited seeing it, they wanted to see it from inside but Dashanana stops them rudely saying they don’t know about basic formalities. Nandi wants to call Shivji but Dashanan stops him tells him he himself will go & call him this is his gift for Shivji, you stay out of this. He goes to

call Shivji, who says it was Parvati’s wish for this Bhavan so she only should see it first. Ganesh too says Dashanana will have to wait till his mata comes back.
At King Aayu’s palace, they ask Parvati for deciding the tithi for wedding. She says their new Bhavan will be made at that time all of you can come. Let Ashok Sundari too see this Nahush., the tithi can be decided there. Aayu says it’s their saubhagya, they’ll surely come for Grah pravesh puja.
Naradji is at Vaikunth, tells Vishnuji finally Bhavan at Kailash is ready, Shivji has become a complete Grihastha now.
Parvati is back at Kailash, tells Shivji with his permission all the tasks are successful. I have invited Aayu & his family for Grah-pravesh puja, the wedding tithi will be decided then. Only ashok Sundari has to see Nahush. They’ll have to start making all the wedding arrangements. Suddenly there is glittering light which surprises everyone. She asks Shivji what is it? He says your dream Bhavan is ready. Kartikeya, Ganesh, AS, Ganga all want to see it. Shivji says he was waiting for her to be back. They all are at the Bhavan site. Are happy seeing it. Dashanan invites shivji, they are going inside. all the
In Indra’s sabha this glitter reaches, he is surprised when Brihaspati tells him it is the Swarna Bhavan made at Kailash. Indra asks what else does this Dashanan knows? Brihaspati says he knows many Vidyas, is best in Vastu shastra. Your Bhavan is pale infront of the Swarna Bhavan made by him. Indra looks worried.
The Shiv parivar with the Ganas & Ganga are at the entrance of the Bhavan. Shivji asks Paravti to step inside first. The glitter of Gold & well made Bhavan is liked by all, they are at the Garden. Dashanan says all the flowers with fragrance are here. Golden aasan for Shivji is made for his dhyan. Says this will remind him of Kailash’s dhyan aasan.
At vaikunth, Lakshmij tells Vishnuji Devi Paravti looks happy now. He says in making of this Bhavan along with Dashanan’s bhakti his ego is mixed too. Naradji asks him will shivji live in this Bhavan? Vishnuji asks him to have patience.
Inside the Swarna bhavan now they are at the Music kaksh, there is a Golden Veena. Dashanan says the sound from outside can not enter inside but the music played here can be heard in the Sansar. Then Nritya kaksh & a Kaksh for Shivji’s Gyan sabha.
Looking at Dashanan Shivji thinks, you’ve reached at Kailsh but have not actually known Kailash, which is beyond all the Moha. Had you realized that, there was no need for you to be here. You want to put Kailash under Moha, but will soon realize it is not possible.

Precap: Shivji tells Parvati now all her wishes are fulfilled. She says Bhavan is made, Nahush is grown up, Ashok Sundari will get married, now there is no wish left to be fulfilled. Shivji is standing infront of the Bhavan, A voiceover says will this Bhavn become Golden Maya –nagari?

Update Credit to: mnx12

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