Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st October 2013 Written Update

Martand inquires Mangal on the number of villages and the head of them.. Mangal replies that there are 7 of them and the head was murdered a few years ago and no one knows about the son of the head of the villages..who will be made the next head of the villages as per the tradition of their village.

Mahalsa’s mother requests Martand to have some food.. when gana asks if he wants more of some food, Mahlsa says that he needs to know his conduct o being a guest…as its not a raj maha that he’ll get unlimited food n the maids would offer him food.. Mhalsa’s mother tries to discipline her.

Even after hearing that Martand eats his food..
Then they hear a sadhu cry “bhikshamdehi” for alms.. Martand recognizes that its Nandi in disguise..

on ordered by her mother Mhalsa offers alms to the sadhu.
Nandi n Shiva talk telepathically of how the former couldn’t stop himself from getting the prasad from mother hersefl.
Then ganga tells Mhalsa that may be of she serves Martand some food his hunger would satisfy. Mahlsa decides to do so only to get rid of him.

As Mhalsa puts a spoon of food into Martand’s hand he eats it and his hunger gets satisfied.

Back here Malla n Mani at their cave await for mata as they have planned , but guess it didn’t work all well.
They take stock of all the food, grains n weapons which they are gonna use in the future..
Then Malla feels some weird energy.. then he finds that energy to be very familiar one.. he zeros his observation that its the Aghora- he is back.

Mani freaks out at this…Malla tells that they’ll use this aghora to their gain as he must have come back to save mata.

Here Mhalsa is in super rage.. she practices sword.. Martand goes to the place.. she says that she’d fight him this time cause she wasn’t fully prepared the last time.. Then she hands the sword and they start their fight.. but at every step Mahalsa is defeated.. then Martand gives her another sword too to fight him- but alas she is defeated yet again.

Then Mangal n gang reach the place- they say that they have got some lead on the food that has been looted by the aghoras. Mangal tells Martand that its his duty to look after her and he’d know if any danger is in Mahalsa’s way.

Back here Yellakoti plays with his shells and smells a danger and he asks Mahalsa’s mother to run off from the house… she gets scared seeing this.

The gang Ganga(sorry forgot her name here), Mangal n Mahalsa finds the place where the aghoras are hiding the kooted grains and Mahalsa ties to attack them but Martand stops her and tells that those guyes are the only one with whom they can track the main bhandar of stolen food.. eventually they do track the main storage place and fight the guards.

M & M find out that Aghora has come back in a new disguise he asks another guy to fight the aghora along with a danav (how many danav do u have in ur stock?)

So now its Martand n the danav face off- (the danav looked super funny- like a man with a mask of a killer fish or something)
So Martand uses his powers n defeats the danav- but the danav again gets up n fights him.. this time Martand annihilates the danav with his powers.

Then M n M try to destroy the family where mata is born along with Aghora..
Back here they retrieve back the food and distribute among the villagers.. Martand asks Mahalsa if she trust him yet..

Then Martand gets flashes of the house being burnt n Mahalsa’s mother is in danger.


Mahalsa’s mother is stuck in the buring house.. Mahalsa goes inside to save her but to her horror the roof is gonna fall right onto her mommy.. the next moment she finds Martand holding the roof which was gonna fall on her mom…Mahalsa is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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