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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with kartikaye thinks about augustya muni curse. Kartikaye says, augustya rishi said that shivansh will kill kronch. this work can be done by Ganesh but i am minister of devta. Should i do this work? Mahadev arise in front of kartikaye and says, you are doubted to fulfil your role. Does air says, will we flow? You are warrior and nobody is in relation on battle field.
Banasur does practise and bhutnath arise in front of him and do battle. He wakes up from dream. banasur wife says, what happened swami? Banasur says, now its time to sun rise . today kronch will attack on himalaya so i am getting ready to help him.
Kartikaye gets prepare for battle. Banasur says to kronch, i will not come with you in battle field. Kronch says, you have done wrong with me. Banasur

says, if we both will go in battle field. May be they will defeat us but when i will go later then my presence surprised them. Banasur says, dont distracted your motive by your family. Kronch says, i am afraid of parvati. Banasur says, if parvati will arise in battle field then i will come in field. banasur says, kronch is fool. He forgot his curse that he could kill by shivansh. then i will become most powerful.
Mahadev says, whole incident turned away by parvati and kronch war. Mahadev says to narayan, you have to anticipate in the war and you have to accomplish the task.
mata does meditation and she gets afraid to see worship to another girl. Mata parvati says to mahadev, you have said swami that what i am seeing is our fortune and i am getting it.
nandi and gann bring fruits for mahadev and says, please bring some food prabhu so that we can also take food. Mahadev denies and gone from there. Nandi says, i cannot see mahadev in this situation. This incident should be completed soon so that mata come to kailash soon.
Mata parvati says, we have already alerted to kronch but still he is coming with banasur force. Ganga mata says, we will stop him. Menawati says, no daughter, you should stop banasur. Mata parvati says, we should stop kronch because we will not stop him then he will again associate with other and again attack on father and i want that you both will not anticipate in battle. Mata parvati says, banasur is helping kronch and he is more powerful. If he will come in war. Menawati says, if he will come then you will also participate in war.
Kronch reaches at himalaya and calls himawan. Kartikaye meet with mata and says, i am feeling odd. mata says, you are so devotee for me and it is so mean for me. Kronch is my brother and he is doing wrong. you should follow your duties. Kartikaye takes blessing from mata.
Himawan force comes in battle field. Kronch says, i have given suggestion to you but you have rejected it so get ready for war with me. Now come with your force.
kartikaye comes into battle field. Kronch says, maharaj himawan, i think you forget about my power, will this force battle with me. Kartikaye reaches there and says, no, i will battle with you. Kronch says, this war is between me and my father. if you will hurted then your parents will worried. Kronch says, i am giving you last warning and if anything will happen later then you are responsible. Narayan says, new incident will start with this incident. Mata says to herself, swami after this war, situation will become worst.

Precap:- Kronch says, i know you are best warrior but you dont know about me, you cannot beat me. Kartikaye says, i am calling augustya rishi curse, give me power. Then kartikaye kill kronch.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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