Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st May 2013 Written Update

J (Jalandhar) is in Jal Samadhi, thinks what Vrinda said was right, thinking about Devas, I become like them. Now I’ll have to return back to my original self. If J has to be Mahadev’s option then J has to be like him.
Vrinda is waiting near the Sea shore. Shukracharay informs her J will come out of his Samadhi soon. He’s opened his eyes. You’ve have been waiting since so many days for him. She says I’ve always wished for his wellbeing. Shukracharya praises J’s good luck as his wife is securing him through her vrat. He asks her about her vrat. She answers it’s reached it’s final stage. Shukracharay says unlike Tarakasura & other Asuras, J is very lucky, only if he wasn’t Mahadev’s enemy’.

comes, where Shivji is in Samadhi. Parising him, he turns in a stone Bull in front of him. Vishnuji, Lakshmiji are admiring his devotion with an approved look.
J comes out of water, with more slanting neck, holding Black Trishul & in complete Black attire ( to be frank he looks funny, like a cartoon) Shukrachara & Vrinda are happy seeing him. Shukracharay says he looks more stronger now, how did he make it possible? J says Vrinda told him to get over his fear & he did just that & invoked Mahadev’s power in him. He asks for the weapon from Shukracharay, says now it’s the right time to shock his enemy.
Near the Amaranath cave, Mena & Himavan comes. Mena asks where is Mahadev. Ka tells them he’s gone to Kailash to help mother. Ganesh looks at Himavan with suspicion, tells him last time an Asura come disguised as you, but you look different from him. Himavan tells him they want to see Parvati’s awakened form. Kartikeya tells them their mother is reaching on the final stage, with father’s help, we don’t want to disturb her in any manner till then.
Shukracharaya is giving J the new weapon- Shakti. He tells J this Shakti can be used only once, so don’t wasted it on Mahadev. J tells him not to worry, he’ll only make him proud of himself. The Shakti comes out in form of a bright ball from Shukracharya. J is surprised seeing the power. He absorbs the power in himself, standing with open arms.
Himavan tells Mena, that moment is near by, Mahadev will soon get our daughter in her Aadi shakti form. Ganesh tells Himavan & Mena to relax, when father comes he’ll inform them. Mena notices Aadi Guru coming towards the cave. She tells him till Paravti’s Samadhi is over’ but Aadi Guru stops her, he enters the cave. Ganesh gets suspicious.
Inside the cave, Aadi Guru comes in his real form, J. Sees Parvati in Samadhi, He uses his Shakti Shukracharya gave him, creats an energy field around her.
Ganesh thinks, why did their father not look at them, wahy was he so angry? He moves towards the cave’s door. Kartikeya watches him. Ganesh feels a shield at the door, which prevents him from entering inside, he falls down. Kartikeya, Mena, Himavan rushes to Ganesh.
Energy field created by J around Parvati, prevents anyone from entering the cave. Kartikeya sees something coming out of the cave entrance, like a cloud of dust. Parvati is kidnapped by J.
Precap: Brhmaji, Vishnuji are outside the cave. Worried Kartikeya asks his mamaji, where is their mother right now, in which Loka? Vishnuji answers she is not in any Loka.
J welcome Shukracharay in his Imaginary Loka, says he’ll fight with mahadev, when he is out of his Samadhi. After that there will be no Tridevas, will be only Jalandhar.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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