Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st March 2014 Written Update

Mahadev observes every happening.

Rishi Agasthy is shcoked hearing Nahush’s arrogant demand of making the saptrishis bear his palanquin. Poor dev guru too is disappointed with they discuss of what to do further…
They decide to go to Mahadev for help..

They alll seek Mahadev’s counsel with Agastya leading them…he discusses with Mahadev on his Devraj SIL’s acts…Rishi Kashyap adds that they were very hesitant abt it initially…They have abso no clue as to how to tackle this situation…

Shiva advices them to take the stand of righteousness…and not who is related to whom..what is just right for all and what is unjust is wrong for everyone..that is the essence of equality, they all carry

fwd their respective duties without any inhibition.
amount of Knowledge= amount of respect one gets; number of good deeds= punya; amount of wrong deed= those many sins…unjust done anywhere, be it an lok, any situation…the worst sin to tolerate the atrocities. He advices them to be stable and in the loop.

Back here the king is ready with his army, to fight the neighboring king’s attack..the king’s wife wishes him good luck by doing his arti…but the king stops her from touching him ..

At swarg, Nahush is flattering himself too much… AS requests him not to be a jerk and behave himself…also not to misuse his powers..She tells him taht he needs to help her mother who is in saadhna (meditation) in order to maintain the balance of the world, and he ought to help her in doing so. And all he s worried abt his entertainment…
He denies that acquisition..he is doing all this to avenge the insult Indrani did to his wife. She says she doesn’t want any revenge,…but Nahush retorts that he does.

The king back here fears if his wife too would catch leprosy…the wife tells that she would gladly accept that fate of disease if it had it means to wish him good luck and pray for his long life by doing his tilak n arti..
She would be blessed to be with him after the war ends as plagued with the disease..then after his win, her faith in the red sandalwood would grow.
The king (husband) shouts at her as she tries to put the vermilion to his face..

Nahush is mad cause of Indrani’s challenging him to come in the palanquin which the saptrishi bears…he is so worried abt what people and esply what Indrani would think of him- they’d mock him.
Saptrishi would be insulted cause of his challenge…she says..his image would not only effect her honour but also his, his family and her family as well..and if he takes this step he’d let everyone down ..better is if he apologies to her and just accept his defeat than disgracing everyone’s name.

Nahush sings his main indr hoo song..feels he can do as he wishes..
AS says that this very arrogance made devraj Indr disgrace the honour of Ahalya and did Brhm hatyas

The wife warns him that this arrogance of Indr made him do all wrong things and in return he got cursed and now even he is following the guy..
When he says that no one could ever probably curse him, she says that If she wouldn’t have been his wife , she would have cursed him
He gets angered and walks away.

Mahadev tells the king that the queen’s argument is valid as its the moment of a wife to be proud of her husband and put tilak to him…and bis farewell to the war field..Shambhu request the king as the brother of the qqueen and make her wish done.

AT battle field…the other king asks the king whom Shambhu supports…
They exchange war of words…the neighboring king sends a huge guy to fight..and if they get successful in bring him down then he’d accept his defeat.

As The king moves ahead, Shambhu stops him saying that a king should fight only a king..and he himself decides to fight the huge guy.

Shambhu fights the huge guy…
The queen prays to Mahadev to bless her country n family safe.
The Bhmans feel glad that their plan is working as they feel Shambhu will lose..
SHambhu on the other hand dhobi pachads (throws) the guy down on earth..he makes the guy taste the earth.

The other king takes a means of unjust method of battle and throws a spear at Shambhu…but Shambhi misses it..


Precap: As Nahush orders and disrespects the rishis…
Rishi Agasty curses Nahush to became a serpent.
Maahdev comes in his real form.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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