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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The women tell the king that they nno longer have revengeful feeling towards him after getting Parvati ma and Mahadev’s darshan. The king is surprised..they say he has to live with the guilt of his sins..
Mahadev tells Durdumb that he has got one chance to redeem…to uuse it or waste it will decide his future.
The king says he is not left to do anything good or bad…and when one realizes their evil..what would he do?
The king says he doesn’t deserve to stay or rule the kingdom..and hence wish to leave the rajy and live in the woods where no one would know or see him as he cant look into anyone’s eyes.
Mahadev asks what would he do staying away from the world?
Durdumb tells that all his life he was intoxicated with wine.and now when he

is awake he has no clue what to do and where to head…everything is dark..the mind is filled with innumerable doubts , yet he can’t find any answer to those..

He goes on his knees and begs Mahadev to guide him and show him the path of redemption…or he’d turn mad..he further shares that the very loneliness he embraced has turned into the most dreadful things he ever thought. And a pained feeling he feels..
Mahadev tells him that that very pain is the sign of him moving forth in the path of redemption. The pain n pb are the start of his penance..his arrogance is shedding..and in this process pain is natural. For all this time all those things that fueled his arrogance are moving away from him and in their absence he feels that his identity is at stake..those things somewhere defined him is what he has assumed..he must be thinking he is ruining himself..but no..the thing that is ruining is his arrogance..which always grew on the mercy of other’s.
Now that he has decided to stay alone..the arrogance is doing everything possible to make him doubt, fear…and as the arrogance distance from him like wise the true self will near him..he can become fearless after enduring the fears he feels. (in short dar ke aagey jeet hai durumbh)

Mahadev continues with his invaluable knowledge on how thing are complimentary and connected…one can know the feeling of happiness only after seeing saddness…the imbalance in him proves that he has the experience of tranquility…similarly the experience of emptiness shows that he was once complete.

The darkness says that he was once in light… eventually normal ppl lose themselves in the dark, but the sidhpurush travel through the darkness and stay in light one can see everything but what is in physically present- which inspires desire, wish and lust…the light separates the difference btw I and you..but in darkness..there is nothing except the experience of the unseen..nothing is present except the self…full of darkness and just one experience of the the ultimate truth..

Shiva adds…that The darkness is not of ignorance..but the one that takes all forms- but is created by the world..and is absorbed in teh same darkness.. he need not feat it but accept it and this will be start of his new life..and he’d find himself- the fulfillment in that darkness itself.

Durdumbh wishes that he wants a guy to put in his place- who always selflessly served the rajy and did great can only be Sumukh
he did unjust to Sumukh and only after hee leaves they’d inform him and he can’t face Sumukh..he murdered Sumukh’s son…Durdumbh seeks forgiveness for everything and asks his leave to leave for the woods.

Mahadev permits him and go to kick start his new life…at the woods in the dark to find the light of truth and his own self. Shiva asks him to start penance n meditation without any expectations and control the will redefine him.

Durdumbh feels grateful to have gotten blessed by Mahadev n Parvati ma that a sinner like him.
He then goes to his besty Gyan murti ..he realizes his wrongs and apologizes..Gyan murti says he shouldn’t be doing that…
he was at fault too for not showing him the right path..just for his personal greed or else he wouldn’t give him what he needs.
But this day Gyan murti is glad to see that he has give up his throne and most of all made Sumukh the king- he’d guide Sumukh in everywhich way he can and he’d dedicate himself to the betterment of the kingdom. then durdumb greets his subjects and leaves.

Then Sheelvanti and taranath feels that he couldn’t welcome them right..Mahadev says no..they have given an example in terms of welcoming and honouring them..they did everything possible n in their best capabilities even in such toughest of situations…
He has given such great effort to Shiva n Parvati devi just to restore Gyaan
is unparallelled one.

Parvatidevi says her word by blessing the ladies and eveyrone who supported n fought for the cause of protecting the dignity of a woman…thus they all will forever have their grace. They’d come whenever they call Mahadev n parvatidevi.

Sumukh comes and falls on his knees seeing mahadev n mata parvati..he is blessed to even get a glimpse of them.
Mahadev asks him to ge up and informs that durdhumb’s wish was to see him as teh king..Sumukh says he is just a servant of the kingdom. and how can he ever think of such a thing..Mahadev replies that the one who feels that he is the sevak of the kingdom..has the right wid only himself to rule the kingdom. He has made so much of effort n scarifies for the kingdom..sUmukh agrees to the offer only cause of Mahadev’s word.

The place is echoed wid praises to the new iking Sumukh.
Gyan murti requests Mahadev for establishing a SHivling..Mahadev names it as Dharmeshwar ling.

Shiva at the cliff..Parvatidevi inquires what was great event he is thinking..Shiva replies ‘CHANGE’ -rule of the nature ; on asked he says change is the defining factor…it wll again bring back the old issues back.

Mahadev recalls the episodes of ANdhak and Jalandhar. he shares that one more roop of Shivansh is gonna come to existence…
Paravtidevsi’s expression was one to look fwd to..!
It was like Shivansh..fir ssay!

Shiv n Parvati play chausar…he says that the world is in aplay of chausar and a few of them are playing chausar wid other’s life for their greed.
Andhak’s son comes back to request to stay at the Kailash.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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