Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st January 2013 Written Update

The old man feels helpless owing to his weakness that he couldn’t even pray Mahadev during his end days… saying this he leaves the place..after a while Kartikeya calls him, and tells that he (old man) can take it and when the old man says that he has made it for himself…Kartikeya says that he would make another.

The old man thanks Kartikeya and leaves… Kartikeya tells Ganesh that they have to search another stone to make a Shiv ling and they leave from there. Then Shiva comes into his real form and feels proud of his son and says that he has to pass many such tests.

They now go to a place where there are number of stones.. Ganesh says to his brother that he was right there are so many stones..and now they have to chose just a suitable one.

As they speak so they hear someone to stop right there.
The man (Shiva in disguise) says to stay away from his stones… they asks who he was?
The man says that he is the owner of the hill and if he dares to touch even one stone, he would destroy them!

Our adorable little cutie pie Ganesha humbly requests the man to give them one stone.. even Ganesh completes his say the man says that he won’t allow them to take any.
And if they want the stone so urgently then they have to fight him, says the man.

Kartikeya humbly says that they need a stone to make a Shiv ling and they would just request him and not fight.

The man says that they have to answer his questions..And if they dnt answer then they have to stay there in the form of a stone .. and the one who is going to make Shiv ling has to answer (Sounds very familiar eh?… flipping the pages of the Mahabharata where Yam dev tests the Pandavas in the same fashion ..where is the originality? )

Kartikeya accepts the challenge!

Question 1. Who is the true partner in life?

Kartikeya replies Courage.

Question 2. Which wealth is above all and which cannot be stolen? But can be lost!

Kartikeya gets reminded of the knowledge which was imparted by his father in his childhood “Never have pride on your abilities”.. says Knowledge!
He says “Knowledge makes one great…No one can steal it from one, but one can lose it due to ignorance ”

The man appreciates him and continues with his Q & A session…

Question 3. What is that by sacrificing it we become everyone’s favorite?

Kartikeya is reminded of his arrogance when he first got his training.

Kartikeya answers ” ‘Arrogance’.. one becomes favorite of everyone by giving away Arrogance.”

Question 4. And what is that by giving it away one only gets happiness?

Kartikeya says ‘Anger’

Question 5. How can one become a supreme?
a. By taking birth in a high cast; b. By sharing knowledge; c. By soft nature

Kartikeya fumbles at Gyaan (knowledge).
The man says ” why aren’t you able to answer this one? I gave you options too”

Then Kartikeya changes his option and replies “Softness in ones nature”

Now the last one.. among the above which quality is above everything- superior one?

Kartikeya thinks of all of those qualities.. Arrogance, Scarifies, Pride, Anger, Soft nature

The man taunts “If you don’t know the answer kid..then get ready to become a stone”

Kartikeya says “the most important thing in the world is to love ones own family and dedication.”

The man objects.. that, that answer was not in his questioner!

Kartikeya replies that whatever may be his view on the answer but for him (Kartikeya ) his family comes first!
And says that if he wants to turn him into a stone..he can do it, but I he wouldn’t change his decision!

Then the cutest moment.. the kid brother holds the hands of big brother (Kartikeya)
Shiva is both proud and glad seeing his sons together!

The man then tells “Excellent! You have given all the answers right!”

Kartikeya takes a suitable stone and thanks the man and leaves with his kid brother.

Its is night andKartikeya has began shaping the stone into a Shiv ling… seeing his big brother work so hard Ganesha cleans the sweat from his Brother’s neck.

Then at last Kartikeya makes the Shiv ling.. late at night both the brothers sit to eat.
Ganesh says “brother I have made food for the first time”

After Kartikeya tastes the food he says that its very tasty!
Ganesha says that he is not a good liar.

Kartikeya says that he is telling the truth.. as he (Ganesh) had made it with so much of Love. And nothing is as tasty as this food for him..except their mother’s hand made food!

In the morning both the sons of Mahadev walk in the forest to find a proper place for Shiva’s aradhna.

They find the same old man whom they saw the other day.
They find the old man sitting under a tree sad… Kartikeya questions, isn’t he happy to do the aradhna of the Shiv ling?

The man replies that he would have been happy only if he had done the sthapna of the Shiv ling… probably he isn’t lucky enough to do so!

On asked the man replies that being weak, he couldn’t hold it for a long time and it became dark too, so the Shiv ling fell down and broke.

The man goes near Kartikeya creasing his hair and says “Had I had a son like, he would have made another Shiv ling for me!”

Shiv only accepts the prayers of rich.

Kartikeya says that whether one is rich or poor doesn’t matter to Shiv, everyone is dear to him and he accepts everyone’s prayers.

Then Kartikeya goes to the old man and tells him that this time he would be able to do the pooja by giving the SHiv ling to him.

GAnesha is taken aback by this action of his big brother.
The old man feels happy to get the SHiv ling and says that Mahadev would be happy with him for his selfless nature.

Ganesh questions “We made that Shiv ling with such difficulties and you just gave it away!”

Kartikeya tells his kid brother that they would find another stone at the same hill to make another Shiv ling.

Ganesh tells his brother that he’d first pray Mahadev before they go and find another stone.

Ganesh prays to Mahadev “Father, you have seen brother’s selflessness now bless him to finish his prayer to the ling ”

Shiva is very proud and happy of his sons!


Precap: Again the old man (Mahadev in disguise) goes to Kartikeya and Ganesh who were offering prayers to the Shiv ling and says that without Daan (donation) a pooja is not supposed to get complete.

Then Kartikeya asks theold man if he could accept the alms.
The man puts a condition that he would only agree if the whole puny would be his at the end of the prayers .

Kartikeya says “Fine, if that’s is what is gonna make him happy … be it. they would give away the whole puny which they would get after offering their prayers to Shiv ling”

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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