Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st February 2014 Written Update

Sati eats the fruit even after SHiva’s warning, as everything which looks good on the outside doesn’t make it harmless… Shiva says he asked her not to eat the fruit but she never listened… Sati justifies that she is fine and that anything good looking always is not bad… she says its his flawed mentality… before she says anything else she starts coughing..

Back here at the camp.. a vedji comes and treats Dakshayani.. Dakshayani thankss him for coming at the earliest her could… the vedji tells her that no one has informed him – nor did the minister..instead he came all by himself hearing the commotion abt the snake bite. He leaves, she gets reminded of Mantri’s acts… she calls for him.

Sati is sitting

alone in the forest waiting for Shiva…as she seeks his help.. she feels he must have been grinning on the fact that she was wrong..she at one point thinks that he won’t return..but he does and brings along some herb to make her better.
After drinking it she feels better and thinks of thanking him but stops herself doing so.thinking that it might boost his ego.

At Daksha’s yugya.. Rishi Kashyap informs that Kamdev is up to something.. Daksh says that he is as of now not bothered abt it but his daughters.. he send Rishi Bhrigu after they get the mesg of Ageeraa’s side taht his daughters have still no arrived at their place…so to find out what has gone wrong Bhrigu leaves for the forest..

Sati tries to track her location and the bridge she was to cross to be able to get back to the camp..but all her efforts go in vain as she becomes even more clueless abt her location..where as Shiva meditates under a tree.

Shiva asks her if she is still there..she replies that she is sorting her options..and he need not fear that she’d ask his help to find her way back home..she is capable of it.
Shiva tells her that accepting ignorance can lighten the path of wisdom.. and asks her to use the right words to help her…She counters saying he too is displaying his ignorance finding fault in her.
He enlightens that there is a difference between having knowledge and experience..she asks how can one know the subtle line?

He answers that the essence of knowledge is experience and without it there is no use of knowledge ..she rudely rules out his say saying that she need not learn the lessons of knowledge from a jungle manwearing animal skin..wandering in jungles and doesn’t even have an inch of land.. He replies the quest is if she deserves to get that knowledge… she argues that he is doing all this as he knows the way out of the forest.. such arrogance is of no use.. she challenges that she’d fins her way out herself.
She leaves saying she was gonna give him one chance to gain some good karma..

Moving to a corner.. she feels he is rude… but then cools down by herself.

She then calls the minister and those two soldiers who were to call the doc… they say that the minister never asked them to call the doc..but.. but the minister denies and covers his acts..the minister to hide things..attacks the men with his sword.. but is stopped by Rishi Brigu.. he asks the soldiers to captivate both the minister and those men..and he’ll do what is required.

then thinks that if she makes him mad she might not be able to find her way wid his help.. she thinks of all possible ways to trade in the place of asking him the way out..
She thinks if she could help him in turn he would do the plans to teach him music n she doesn’t seem to be interested.
What if she teaches him some culinary skills ..then again she crosses that idea thinking of his rural life style…
then she thinks of his instrument..he played the other day.. she finds out that he is keen towards music..then she goes to him and wakes him up of his mediation and offers a exchange offer.
She asks him why did he attack her if he didn’t intend to harm her…he says he is not obligated to answer her quests..
She insists saying that he has to as its her question- she was attacked. She ha sthe right to understand this confusing thing…he first attacks her n then protects her.

He says he was effected by her song..he was curious to know the source of the he went there and he saw her..but had to leave.

She puts forth her offer.. that since he likes music, she ‘d teach him as she is a trained singer and in return he can tell her the way out.
He replies that he is not interested in learning…she says he doesn’t have to be indebted as its a give n take thing. He tells her that not everything can be got by smartness or in cunning..being humble too is essential ways; he asks her to admit the fact that whatever she seeks she has failed to find it herself.. and apologize.
This vexes Sati and shouts that she is not doing all this with an over smart attitude.. why does he think that way..and why should she think she is incapable?
She leaves saying that she doesn’t need his help.

Precap: Shiv n Sati are at one place.. Kamdev flies on the skies of the same place…he tells someone that the arrow he has will evoke desire and love.. Vishnu dev informs Nardji that Sati form of AdiShakt is starting to effect Mahadev and soon will brin him out of no one can stop this union.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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