Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st February 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Dashanan moving towards Kailash with all the blocks flying in the air.Ganesha,Kartikeya and Nandi go to see who is singing,and see Dashanan guiding the blocks with his voice and are amazed.

Once the blocks are put down,Nandi asks a gold Bhavan for Mahadev?.Dashanan rudely replies that a person like Nandi who has lived amongst dirt will not understand the value of gold(grrr…Dashanan-how Dare you!).Kartikeya and Nandi are stunned with Dashanans behavior as Ganesha cutely tells Nandi that since Raavan is such a “Mahagyaani” and he knows the difference between Mud and Gold-he should’nt interfere.

Dashanan expresses a desire to meet Mahadev and leaves to meet him along with a Gold Slab.

Dashanan meets Mahadev and tells

him that he wants his Asaan to be made of Gold now.Mahadev tells him you are my bhakt,you ought to be knowing that I dont make any difference between Gold and Mud.Both come from the same earth and one day both of them get mixed with earth,like he doesnt make a difference between them and everyone is equal to him,he expects his Bhakts to do the same.

Dashanan requests Mahadev to do it for his Bhakts happiness and Mahadev agrees and touches the stone,giving him permission to start building of the Bhavan.

Meanwhile grown up Nahush(i already dont like him) is finally introduced to his parents,who hope he and AS will get married soon.

Parvati requests Mahadevs permission to start the process of Shagun(Telepathically) Mahadev says he is always with her.Parvati performs aarti and gives Shagun to Nahush.

At Kailash Dashanan is going to begin constructing the Bhavan when Nandi asks if he can help-again Dashanan rudely brushes him off saying he should not interfere.

Meanwhile at Kailash,AS comes dressed as a blushing bride.Ganesha asks her does she know how wedding preparations are done,AS blushes and runs away.A confused Ganesha asks Kartikeya if he has any knowledge about wedding preparations,Kartikeya says he only knows about warfare.Nandi too is clueless.Ganeshas mooshak friends come and advise him to have lot of food,which makes Bappa hungry.

Parvati is worried what Ganesha will eat in her absence,but Ganesha decides to cook a meal on his own,surprising everyone(first time Bappa in the kitchen).Parvati smiles on knowing what Ganesha is upto.

Ganesha calls everyone to eat including Mahadev and instists he serves Mahadev himself.Mahadev eats the food made by Ganesha.

Parvati has her head on Mahadevs shoulder when she sees a light,she asks what it is?.Mahadev smilingly replies its the glow coming from the Bhavan she asked for.Parvati is pleased

Update Credit to: shruti

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