Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with himalaya and kronch conversation. Himalaya says, all the resource is not private property, it is for whole world. Kronch says, so you have told your decision and listen my decision, today night is your last night in this fort. mata gets angry. Menawati says, calm down parvati. Mata says to kronch, you are alive only due to your parents but if you will come with your force then you will face adi shakti and remember that mother tears and banasur force will not help you from me.
Kartikaye says to mahadev, we all are distressed by mama ji behaviour. He is stealing nanaji’s resources. ganesh ji says, i think it is same thing that i have thought. Mahadev says, your mother will not stop your mamaji. He is cursed by rishi augustya. rishi augustya worship me for establish

tirth sthal. Mahadev arise and gives water and says, wherever you will put this water, it will become tirth sthal and named it as kaveri river.
Rishi augustya gives thank to mahadev. Mahadev says, but when rishi augustya moves towards south then kronch stopped his way. Kronch says, give me everything that you have. Rishi augustya says, i have only knowledge and curse to give. Rishi says, dont stop my way, i am going to fulfil the dream of mahadev. Then kronch laugh on him and rishi augustya gave curse to him and soon his curse will fulfil.
Himalaya senapati says, maharaj, our force is ready to attack on kronch.
Menawati feels bad and says, it is really bad for me. Himalaya says, we have hide everything from parvati. What will she thinks about us. Mata parvati says, it is really honour for me that you think about me. You go and take rest. we will think about it tomorrow. Menawati says, our son is doing wrong and if he will not get banansur support then he will not attack on you.
Banasur thinks about his old remembering. Mata arise in front of him and says, mahadev and narayan didnt leave you for again doing wrong thing. Banasur says, i have given promise to kronch. Mata says, if you will do wrong then you will not left. banasur says, i will not think about my life because mahadev has given me boon. Mata laxmi says, banasur has done wrong with mata parvati. narayan says, bahan parvati can destroy him in a moment but he knows about mahadev boon. Mahadev had given boon to him that only shivansh can destroy him.
Banasur gets happy to hear it and make proud on himself. Narayan says, i had killed thousand hands of banasur but i also thought about mahadev boon.
Banasur wife says, have you heard about mata’s caution? banasur says, i am helping kronch only for my purpose. I know that kronch will killed by shivansh. I will win against himalaya and become most powerful king. Indra comes and says to mahadev, i have seen this incident from every point of view and i know that you know everything. everybody has tried to understand you but he is not understanding. If i can stop him then i will stop him.
indra says, he is your relative. Indra says, so thats why i am worried while attacking and everybody is feeling fear to attack on him. Mahadev says, justice only happen by deed. you dont need to worry about kronch deed. Some body fulfil his duty and kronch will fight with him.

Precap:- Kartikaye says to himself, father said that shivansh will kill kronch. Mahadev says, do your work like recluse. You are warrior.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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