Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th May 2013 Written Update

Parshura is supper furious on Jal.. he says that Jal is still alive even after insulting his guru just because he doesn’t want to insult Mahadev’ ansh.
Jal tells him that he has not come there to fight, he just wanted to know the sage’s thoughts about Mahadev.. he manipulates Parshurama saying that he couldn’t understand Mahadev which he is starting to do so…

Parsurama says that even thing he started to know him.. but can never understand Mahadev completely.
Mahadev is anaadi ..anant, no one can ever force him to do things.. but he also is the one who on offering just a bale patr with utter devotion would gets his grace. He is no bind to any rule, yet he doesn’t break any. Mahadev could have revived mata Parvati’s

memory but he didn’t do it cause he wouldn’t go against the nature.. instead he taught her Ashtang yog!
Jal is shocked to hear this..

Parshurama informs Jal that Parvati ma has entered the 7th level of Ashrang yog – saadhna and soon she’d get her memory back and also her Adi Shakti form too.

He is even more shocked to hear all these unknown things!
Parshuram asks doesn he even know the significance of the Adi Shakti avtar?

He continues that Mahadev has acquired knowledge by samadhi…but the last time when he went into a samadhi.. when asked by J he replies it was the time when Sati self immortalized herself, at that time Mahadev engrossed himself into samadhi for centuries.
Jal asks abt Sati.

Parshurama gets pissed off by Jal’s constant nag, so he tells Ja not to waste his time and go away. Jal then stops him and asks where would he find his answers?
Parshurma passes the bucket to rishi Markanday..

Jal says if there comes a time when he (J) encounters him (P) in the middle of the war.
Parshurama says that would never happen cause soon devi Parvati is gonna get her memory back and then its gonna be hsi end!
Oh, yeh he can collect as much info as he can abt Mahadev at least he’d do something productive before his death!

Parshurama leaves back an enraged Jal.

Back at Kailash, Nandi doses off putting his head on Mahadev’s seat.. and then a gentle breeze touch him hinting that his Mahadev is gonna come back.
He wakes up and let everyone know abt Mahadev’s arrival.. they all get excited, on asked how does he know abt that, Nandi replies that every cell of his body connected with Mahadev. So they all star to clean up Kailash.
Nandi is very happy to know that Shiva would be back any time soon.. a true devote.

Markanday rishi offers his prayers to the SHiva linga.. and folds his hands in respect to him.. Jal is bewildered to see this.
hahaha Jal now more puzzled is taken aback by Markanday rishi’s
revere and shows attitude as atleast someone recognizes him.

Rishi Markanday says “Jalandhar! Who doesn’t know you!
Many idiots challenged Mahadev, but you don’t seem to be so foolish? Then why did you do sucha foolish act”

“You are first said abt when it comes to rishi’s, don’t be mistaken that I have shown you all that respect; its not for you, its for the Mahadev ansh in you!” Markanday rishi clears.

Jal says that he has not come there to get mocked at.. before he could say a word; Markanday rishi replies that he has come there to know abt Mahadev and the end of Sati and he’d surely be learning about it soon. But this, he needs to know from someone who witnessed it.

The Saptarishi arrive there and say pranam to Jal (i.e to the Shivansh in him). Jal nods his head in anticipation!
(Oh I’m so loving Jal getting played with and his nod when some rishi greets him Mohit-wa Ur are extra ordinary love :* s)

Rishi Bhrigu narrate
Mata Sati was the incarnation of Adi Shakti.
Mahadev and devi Sati got married, but devi Sati’s father never acknowledged the wedding.. he always wanted to insult Mahadev. To humiliate Mahadev further Prajapati Daksh organized a Mahayag where he invited all the devtas & devis of the world, but Mahadev & mata Sati!

When Mata Sati got to know abt the Yagy she got excited and she assumed that her father sent Mahadev the invite but may be cause of some reason the invite couldn’t reach Kailash!

They narrate how Dashk insults Mahadev and devi Sati in front of everyone.
Sati mata couldn’t bear Mahadev’s insult and she self immortalized herself.

Jal is very keen to know what happened next.. all the rishis see rishi Markanday if they can say more or not. Rishi Markanday then says that all the rishis wants to offer him a meal!

Jal says “me or to Shivansh?”
Rishi Markanday replies “you guessed it right! Its is their wish and that is when he’s gonna know more of the story” (Hogaye googly…)

They all start eating.. Jal then asks them further..
This time Rishi Kashyap narrate.. Mahadev went to the Yagy place and is broken to see Sati devi lifeless.. he then took Sati devi’s mortal body and was deep in samadhi..he didn’t know where he was and what he was doing for centuries.
They show all the Sati devi’s epis.

They narrate everything from Mahadev’s samadhi to Parvati devi’s avtara.

Thus Parvati devi brought Mahadev out of his samadhi for the betterment of the world.
The instant Jal hears the last line, he washes his hands and.. he tells that its time he leaves.. and as he wrapped his plantain in which he ate.. rishi Kashyap
requests him to let him do some seva.. they never know hey may get this chance in the future of serving Shivansh. It seems, Jal is even more interested in Mahadev as he is getting full on attention.


Mahadev at last arrive at Kailash and blesses his gan, prayt and Nandi.
Shiva informs Nandi that his Parvati ma has entered Samadhi and to guide her he needs to go into the state of samadhi.

Nandi asks Mahadev’s permission if he could stay by his side while he is in samadhi.. SHiva permits Nandi to do so.

Jal walks towards his wife Vrinda and his guru Shukrachary on the sea shore…

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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