Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th March 2014 Written Update

Kartikeya expresses his displeasure over Nahush’s attitude. Says he can’t do anything because he is Deva’s senapati & his sis’s husband. Ganesh asks why the one sitting on Devraj’s chair changes his behaviour? Is there anything wrong with that chair? Mahadev answers it’s not the chair but the person who is sitting on it. He dosesn’t realize, tremendous power, responsibalities, duties this chair has is only to serve the society. Is not for his personal use. One who doesn’t accept his mistake, repent for it is surely leading towards his destruction?

Kartikeya asks isn’t there a way to stop him before that? Mahadev answers, there are 2 options, that person will realize his mistake after falling from height &

will realize his mistake & he will realize his mistake before falling from the position he has achieved. It depends on that person’s intellect.

Ashok Sundari comes to meet Nahush. In his arrogance he tells her, he has told all the Devas about him getting this throne on basis of his merit. Now Indrani will have to apologise in sabha, in front of everyone. She explains to him to concentrate on his duties well so his work will speak for him. He doesn’t agree with her.

Brihaspati meets Indrani, explains her mistake of insulting Nahush. She agrees, is ready to apologise to him. She does so in the sabha. Nahush asks her to prove that she is sorry. Indrani is shocked to hear Nahush telling her to attend & entertain him same as she used to do for Indra, through her singing.

She thinks, tells him only if he comes in a palakhi carried by Saptarishis & other rishis to her kaksh. Nahush agrees. He orders the rishis to come for that.

In the aashram, people catch 4 soldiers with weapon, they bring them to the king, as they suspect they were send to kill Shambhu & the king. King is shocked to see their faces. One of them tells king, they were threadtened by those Brahmins if they won’t kill the king, then their families will be asked to live with the Leprocy patients. It’s because of the king, they are facing all the problems. Shambhu asks them what do they think about their king? He is only serving the patients.

Kings boosts moral of his supporters, tells them the enemy will have to pass from this aashram to reach their state. They will fight till their last breath. Even if they don’t win, giving a good fight is good enough. Let’s make this bhumi, veer’s bhumi. They all support him chanting ” Har Har Mahadev”. Shambhu smiles seeing their efforts..

Precap: Ashok Sundari tells Nahush, he may be cursed for his behaviour. It’s because of her till now he is not cursed.Shambhu fights with one of a giant soldier of enemy’s side. Brahmins are watching them.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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