Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th February 2013 Written Update

The Ganas are arranging Ashok Sundaris’s Shagun, Ganesh is helping them in arranging. Ganaga asks Paravti why does she look worried? She says king Aayu & his wife wantsan instant grown up for Nahush, but swami is opposing this. Will it be alright to return this Shagun? Ganga tells her to ask Shivji as this is his family’s decision.
Vishnuji tells Shivji to cooperate with Shakti in compeleting her decision, she’ll not do anything without your permission. Purush & Prakriti has to reach a commen decision. Shivji agrees. Vishnuji leaves.
Ganesh is teasing Ashok Sundari, she complains to kartikeya, who tells him it’s only elder bro’s right to tease his sis. Both laugh. Shivji comes there. Ganesh tells him about mother

is going to make Nahush grownup & the’ll get married. King Aayu has sent thses gifts. Kartikeya too expresses his excitement about AS’s marriage. Ganesh wants to play with AS, as she’ll be there for few days.
Shivji asks Paravti, does she want to tell something? She tells him about the Shagun for AS even they should send one for him. He praises her about waiting for his permission about Nahush, she could have done it on her own but she waited for him. He is happy in all family member’s happiness. Paravti is very happy. Nahush’s instant youth is allowe by him. He asks her to wish him for getting his daughter’s Shagun. She does so.
Parvati is ready to go to Aayu’s palace with Shagun. Shivji tells her the Bhavan at Kailash will be ready by the time she is back. All her wishes are getting fulfilled. She touches his feet & leaves.
At Alakapuri Dashanan starts singing playing Veena, all the Gold bricks starts floating in Air.
At King Aayu’s palace, he with his wife welcomes Paravti with Ganas. Aayu says it seems even Shivji has agreed for this wedding. She asks for Nahush. Aayu says he is at Maharshi Vashishth’s aashram, he’ll call him soon.
Dashanan stops playing veena, gets up, all the floating Gold Bricks starts moving with him Shivji is smiling seeing this & Kuber is surprised.
Nahush comes, touches Parvati’s feet. She tells him, she is going to make him grow up soon, if he has any problem, he can tell her. Nahush says it’s his Saubhagya.
Parvati is sitting in front of a Shivling, asks for Shivji’s permission to go ahead & bless Nahush. Child Nahush is sitting too. A bright light coming from her forehead falls on Nahush & he is instantly grown up.
Shivji is watching this with a smile.

Precap: At Kailash Ganesh calls Shivji for lunch. All are sitting, food is ready. Ganesh says he must be wondering from where this food has come in absence of mother.
Dashanan gets a Gold aasan for Shivji tell him, instead of stone aasan, from now onwards he’ll do his dhyan og this Golden aasan. Shivji tells him for him there is no difference between a stone & a Golden aasan. Dashana says this is his bhakta’s wish.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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